Startup Festival 2020 held in Vadodara to promote entrepreneurship and innovation

Startup Festival 2020 held in Vadodara to promote entrepreneurship and innovation

The first-ever Vadodara Startup Festival 2020 was organised by Parul University (PU) on February 28th – 29th.

The two-day festival was aimed at helping create an ecosystem that is conducive for start-up innovation, along with an idea sharing and nurturing platform to help students become industry-ready. To this end, business entrepreneurship has been made an integral part of the university’s curriculum, as well.

Several renowned business leaders, upcoming entrepreneurs, and student innovators were invited to be a part of the event, in order to evaluate and explore the scope of startups in India. The chief guest for the event was Varad Ranjan Krishna, the co-founder of 100 Open Startups, with many other industry icons, including Hiranmay Mahanta, in attendance.

Over 3,500 students from the varsity took part in the event, with the start-up expo hosting exhibitions from as many as 67 start-ups, demonstrating a variety of innovative ideas. The event also constituted three panel discussions on start-up funding and social entrepreneurship, in order to draw attention to the critical role that startups play in the country’s industry and economy.

24 mentorship sessions were also held to teach aspiring entrepreneurs how to launch their startups and navigate the intricate business ecosystem of the Indian market.

PU chief Dr Devanshu Patel, said, “The fest acted as much needed platform for developing and enterprising new and innovative ideas of our students. As a university we will continue to perpetuate this culture of entrepreneurship and inculcate industrial best practices among our students during course of their academics.”

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