Sowing seeds for women entrepreneurs of the future

Sowing seeds for women entrepreneurs of the future

Avneet Makkar created a concept, where if a woman who has two hours at her disposal and is good at maths, she can be an entrepreneur.

She started a ‘beGalileo’ centre from her house and all the training and marketing support required to run the centre would be provided to the woman. More than 1,000 women have become entrepreneurs and have started their own “beGalileo learning centres”.

These women are all married and mostly have their kids enrolled in the class as wellthis way they can spend more time with their kids as well as become financially independent.

Makkar is Founder and CEO of CarveNiche Technologies PvtLtd and has worked with some of the multinational groups of India like Infosys and Tata.

With over 13 years of experience in Information Technology, she has successfully managed large multi-million dollar programs for marquee Fortune 500 customers in Investment Banking & Finance, Education, Oil & Gas, and Utilities. Today credited with conceptualizing and visualizing an educational expanse which could revolutionize the way education is dealt with for vast masses.

It is a small effort, but it has helped Makkar develop a successful business model using the digital platform. Importantly, it has helped sow seeds for growing more women entrepreneurs.

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