Salute to women entrepreneurs on TELENGANA DAY: June 2, 2022


Celebrating Telengana Day on 02 June, 2022 sheatwork highlights some prominent women entrepreneurs from Telengana & some incentives and schemes provided by the government.

The significance of Telangana Formation Day is important, for it is a throwback on the history of the Telangana movement. The day also focuses on the vision for the state and what actually makes a difference, for the people of Telengana. To suit the occasion, the celebration of Telangana Formation Day is dotted with festive activities.

Halting for a second, we reflect on the entrepreneurial scene here to felicitate some women entrepreneurs from Telengana.To assist anyone seeking information on starting a business, we
also list out some government incentives and schemes that may help any woman wanting to
step into entrepreneurship.

8 Key Women Entrepreneurs from Telengana

• MythreyiKondapi, Founder, Startoon Labs
Founded by MythreyiKondapi ‘Startoon Labs’ is currently working on Pheezee, the world’s first smart physiotherapy toolkit which is a wearable, and it documents the recovery of a patient undergoing physiotherapy. Having worked with doctors to develop other medical devices, she
hopes to identify unaddressed segments in the medical field and introduce more tech solutions in the near future.

• Monika Misra, Founder, iKeva
Her experience in the real estate & hospitality sectors boosted her awareness of the need for
affordable, productive working spaces for small teams; that was when Monika Misra founded
Ikeva in 2013. She believes that co-working spaces can be the future work culture, and her unit
provides Flexi-lease co-working spaces to start-ups, businesses, and freelancers. Her aim is to
create a complete ecosystem by offering its members a list of service providers like CAs,
lawyers, recruiters, HR consultants, UI designers, software developers, and more. Her venture
now has 6 centers in 5 cities, with Mumbai and Gurgaon added, and her business plan is being
adapted across the country.

• SrujanaRaghupatruni, Founder, Cellerite systems
Coming face-to-face with the city’s pollution on one of her trips to her home-town Visakhapatnam, led her to set up – “Cellerite Systems”, which focuses on power-electronic
technologies. Her main innovation lies in developing long-lasting charging solutions for electric vehicles, and it aims at developing charging solutions for vehicles. After initiating the startup, her responsibility lies in overseeing the development of new technologies for battery-charging and evaluating their capacity to produce new products and services. Her rich background includes a stint as the Secretary of PES/IAS/PELS Jt.Chapter of Hyderabad section that upholds the cause of eco-mobility and electrical safety.

• AnuAcharaya, Founder & CEO,
Interested at changing the future of the healthcare industry in India, Anu Acharya, Founder, and CEO of MapmyGenome is firm that her molecular diagnostics company aims at making people proactive about their health – by offering DNA testing and personal genetic services. Anu’s entrepreneurial journey started back in 2000 after she moved back to India, and in a second attempt at entrepreneurship, she founded MapMyGenome in 2013. Backed by 10+ years of experience in genomics research, she was confident that this technology could transform the health industry.

MapMyGenome’s primary service ‘Genomepatri’ analyzes a number of things – an individual’s
vulnerability to certain diseases, responses to certain drugs, and risks posed due to lifestyle and diet factors. This start-up has tied up with many hospitals, wellness and yoga centers, and
individual distributors.

Radhika Choudary, Co-Founder, FreyrEnergy
Supporting a futuristic perspective, Radhika Choudary wanted to create a positive impact on the environment through her expertise in Solar. Currently, spearheading many key projects across industries, she was instrumental in creating a pan-India presence for FreyrEnergy as well as. Her experience spans over 13 years – having worked with SunEdison, Lanco Solar, SKF and
GE Wind Energy.

RohiniDeepthi, Co-Founder, Kitki
Co-founder and game designer of the startup company – Kitki, which was founded by herself
and her husband. The journey has been satisfying and they are continuing the process of
developing different learning methodologies for the new generation.

• Vaishali Neotia, Co-founder, Merxius
Vaishali Neotia, co-founder Merxius, is building products using Augmented Reality, Virtual
Reality, Interactive and Web technologies. Her greatest innovation is her product RealsimEditor
or RED which is being currently tested by the Indian Armed Forces – to create a training module for engine maintenance. After facing many challenges as her business wasn’t taken seriously at the beginning (plus funds was another challenge), and today, her venture has received many awards and accolades and is in talks with the investors too.

• Mansi Gandhi, Founder, DoctorC
Mansi Gandhi founded DoctorC, an online diagnostic service provider, DoctorC offers a digital
platform that is very unique. Here, people can look for the best deals in diagnostic tests by
comparing prices and discounts offered by different testing laboratories across the city.

Government Incentives & Schemes
> Startup Telegnana
The Government of Telangana has adopted the under-mentioned definitions for identifying and supporting Women Entrepreneurs & Women-led Start-ups in the State. The requirement details to and the conditions to qualify – are all given in full details here. Read on for more

> Which schemes does Telangana government offer?
Among many schemes, the Telangana Government introduced “ Aasara ” – a new Pension
scheme – enhancing the monthly pension from Rs. 200 to Rs. 1000 for the old aged, widows,
weavers, toddy tappers and AIDS patients to name a few. Read on for more information on schemes …..

> WE Hub *
Identifying the need for an exclusive platform to support and guide Women Entrepreneurs in
their start-up story, the Government of Telangana established WE Hub. WE Hub is a start-up
incubator exclusively for women entrepreneurs. Recently in February 2022, WE Hub announced
a new incentive – aimed at creating a unique amalgamation between women entrepreneurs and the women frontline workers. They called for women-led startups from textile design and/or manufacturing to register for a pilot programme that will provide new design sarees to Asha Workers. For more information, read on…..

(NOTE: This is based on the secondary research we have done. In case, we have missed out on
anything, we request you to please send the information to

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