Right Decision-making For Women Entrepreneurs


Most women who may have thought about venturing out on their own, must have faced many roadblocks. These may have been daunting for some. And some may have overcome the obstacles and succeeded.

The important point in the life of an entrepreneur is – when he or she takes the decision to move in a different direction. While talking to Smita Tharoor recently, founder of Tharoor Associates, it was clear how she took that right decision and then set out on a journey of her own. So, just step back and think. Are you making the right decision in your business? Is your personality cut out to develop into a women entrepreneur?

You can say that you have the DNA of a great entrepreneur, if you are someone who gets inspired by new ideas and can’t determine where to start or what desire to follow through. On the other hand, many women think it’s not right to be confused and filled with multiple ideas.  Some spend their lives starting but not finishing, and sadly enough hang on to their job, that is not inspiring at all!

Entrepreneurs have never-ending stream of ideas.  However, very often society just doesn’t encourage you to take chances the way you need to as a business owner. You have this inner calling that is dying to break out of you. That’s why your brain sees opportunity everywhere!  To make the right decision, it’s important to slow down and determine why is it that you want to start your own business. Or if you own one now, why did you start it?  Ultimately, you have to have a really selfish reason why you want to make the money in order to set up the business.

Dreams do come true, but not until you say “Now is my time”! The problem may not be that the timing is not right.  As if you should wait for the right time before you start getting a taste of real life! Or that you have to take more time to get centered before making the money you want.  Recognise the talent that you have.  And then the rest will follow – take the necessary strategies to grow your business. But, once the decision is taken, stick to it.  Making money is a mind-set, not a talent. Build on your marketable skill, and you only need to develop it.

Here is your solution to making the right decision and become an exemplary woman entrepreneur:

  • Just quickly, ask yourself how long you have been struggling or working in a job that you want to quit?
  • Decide now – that you will stay focused on why you want your business to succeed
  • Get help to build it, if required
  • Give yourself time to make good money, to be followed by profit
  • Work your plan and leave out the words “I can’t” from now on.  Start asking, what do I do next?

Being a successful woman in business tough. In fact, many people believe that being an entrepreneur is risky. But if you take that decision then take the road less travelled; it can be an amazing experience!

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