Pune Knowledge Cluster Launches Research Scholarship Program For Women In Maharashtra, Financial Support For Women Entrepreneurs



BASF Chemicals India Private Limited (BCIPL) has signed an agreement with the Pune Knowledge Cluster (PKC), an initiative facilitated by the Office of the Principal Scientific Advisor, to launch WEnyan, a research scholarship program for women in Maharashtra. WEnyan (विज्ञान) represents Science; ‘WE’ stands for Women in Education while ‘nyan’ (ज्ञान) is knowledge. PKC envisions this as a flagship program that also offers prototyping grants to early-stage women entrepreneurs with sustenance money and incubation support for 6 months. These women will be selected by the PKC. The areas of research will include Applied Natural Sciences, Specialty Chemicals, Agri-Chemicals, New Materials, and Sustainability. Read More

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