Open Invitation to startups by Piyush Goyal – to register on public procurement portal GeM


The Economic Times October 6, 2020

At the first edition of the National Startup Awards 2020 event, Commerce & Industry Minister Piyush Goyal said – “I invite all startups to list their products and start offering goods and services to government organisations, PSUs, state government bodies, hospitals, schools, and colleges run by the government”. He appealed  to startups to register at public procurement portal GeM. Interestingly, about 4,000 startups have already registered at Government e-marketplace (GeM).

He pointed out that there is a huge potential for startups in a wide variety of areas like –  railways, airport services, food processing, education, healthcare, agriculture, electronics and defence. On a positive note, about Rs 4,000 crores had already been disbursed through Fund of Funds for startups, to about 361 startups.

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