More Leadership Roles for Women in India: Report


Women hold 17.1% of the board seats in India, says the seventh edition of Deloitte Global’s Women in the boardroom report. This number increased by 9.4% from the 2014 edition, the year when the Companies Act, 2013, mandated having one woman member on every board. Moreover, only 3.6 % of the board chairs are women, down by 0.9% since 2018. Globally, 19.7% of the board seats are held by women, an increase of 2.8% since 2018 compared with 1.9% over 2016-2018. At this pace, the world could expect to reach near parity only in 2045. Austria, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain, the UK, and the US saw the most notable increases…Read more

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