Modi Government Encouraging and Participation of Businessmen, Startup, Entrepreneur, Women Entrepreneur for India’s 5 Trillion Dollar Economy- Vinay Choudhary


 An important initiative was taken by the Bharatiya Janata Party OBC Morcha Research and Policy Division for the emerging businessmen of the country!  Under the 75th Festival of Independence, young entrepreneurs gathered and discussed the issues of development! Chief guest, BJP’s Union Minister of State for Finance, Hon’ble Dr. Bhagwat Kishanrao Karadji and special guest National General Secretary BJP Honorable Shri Arun Singh ji, National President BJP OBC Morcha Honorable Shri K. Laxmanji, President Policy and Research Pankaj Choudhary ji!  The program coordinator is Vinay Chaudhary, director of young BJP leader Taurus Group.  Through this program, the suggestions and needs of the emerging traders of the country were discussed in the country.  Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government is busy promoting startups in the country. Read More

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