Microsoft and Accenture team up to help startups expand their reach and create social impact

Microsoft and Accenture team up to help startups expand their reach and create social impact

Technology giant Microsoft Corporation has joined hands with Accenture to enable entrepreneurs and startups working on enhancing social impact and sustainability to expand their reach.

The collaboration will offer applied on-the-job support and advanced technology to such ventures to help them create scalable solutions and business models which can create a quantifiable impact for people all over the world.

Through this initiative, Microsoft Research India and Accenture Labs will assist such organisations in conducting dry-runs and validating their proof-of-concepts, hold design thinking sessions to allow them to visualise their real-time impact, and guide them in leveraging the power of Microsoft technologies.

This partnership will particularly look at fields like agriculture, education, and healthcare, beginning with startup ventures in Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia. For this, the programme will utilise the facilities provided by the MSR India Center, to create Societal impact through Cloud and Artificial Intelligence (SCAI).

The move is part of Microsoft’s Global Social Entrepreneurship program, aimed at empowering an ecosystem of tech-powered startups all over the world, especially in combating critical social or environmental challenges. For Accenture Labs, this also forms a part of its Tech4Good program, which promotes the application of new and emerging technologies to create solutions for major social challenges.

Hence, the programme provides these startups with Microsoft’s cutting edge AI solutions, along with access to its impeccable cloud expertise, go-to-market services, and several grants to work on enhancing sustainability, accessibility, skills, and employability. In addition to this, it will also allow them to target the massive customer base of the tech giant, both locally and globally.

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