Metropolis MD says women entrepreneurs lonely, needs mentors

Metropolis MD says women entrepreneurs lonely

In a conference held in Mumbai earlier this month, Metropolis Healthcare managing director Ameera Shah has said that starting a small business could be extremely lonely. She shared anecdotes on how her success and failures were affected by mentors or the absence of one, according to reports.

Speaking to a group of gathered HR professionals, she said, “Being a woman entrepreneur multiplied the loneliness. Often, you want to reach out to your friends and talk to people in various situations. Unfortunately, I did not have the ecosystem of friends that I could reach out to. I wasn’t born in a business family. There were no uncles or aunts that I could reach out to.”

Shah, 40, went on to emphasize the need for successful people to talk about what went wrong in their path to achieve success while also telling entrepreneurs where they went right. From 2012, Shah decided to build for herself a circle of mentors who helped her achieve her goals.

While stressing the need for people around a start-up to help and aid in growth, she also said the practice of one’s own values, ethics and morals along with a sense of gratitude towards the relationships formed during the course of work will ensure success.

Despite the measures one takes to be successful, Ameera Shah says there was bigger satisfaction in seeking help in crisis without being burdened or pressured in to knowing everything.

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