Menstrual hygiene online campaign busts a cup of myths

Menstrual Hygiene

Online influencers have recently fashioned a new and unique campaign around menstrual hygiene management (MHM) to created mass awareness.

Agency reports say The Fix Your Periods campaign executed by Everteen, a feminine hygiene products brand owned by Wet and Dry Personal Care, was supported by the Women Health Organisation (WoHO), Indian Medical Academy for Preventive Health (IMAPH) and HEAL Foundation.

“As the complete feminine hygiene expert, Everteen has continually taken leadership to create awareness on menstrual and feminine hygiene over the years. Since 2014, our Everteen Menstrual Hygiene Surveys have mapped emerging trends and preferences of Indian women,” CEO of Wet and DryPersonalCare Hariom Tyagi was quoted as saying. “We are also one of the participating members of the global Menstrual Hygiene Day held annually with the support of UNICEF, USAID, and other organisations.”

The digital campaign has already crossed a million in online traffic, most of them presumably women.

Participants in the digital initiative were able to resolve many of their issues related to the use of the menstrual cups in regional languages.

Tyagi said video-based learning helped create awareness in the Fix Your Periods campaign. “Creating awareness on complete feminine hygiene is the need of the hour, and video-based education has emerged as one of the most effective means for it,” she reportedly said.

Campaign organisers found that nearly 20 per cent of the girls were unaware that menstrual cups give them the mobility and freedom to pursue outdoor stuff.

And another 8 per cent did not know that menstrual cups created a vacuum seal that provided them leak-proof protection, reports said.

Social media influencers helped the girls choose the right size of the menstrual cup, guided how to insert and remove the menstrual cup and on other crucial details. The campaign cleared several myths around menstrual hygiene.

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