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Learning English-Vinglish - Pranshu Bhandari -Sheatwork

On starting a venture aimed at teaching people in India foreign languages, Pranshu Bhandari realised that people who wanted to learn English outnumbered those who wanted to learn a foreign language. When a job application is rejected because somebody has no working knowledge of English, it becomes a necessity.

CultureAlley, that Pranshu has co-founded, taps right into it. She founded it with Nishant Patani in 2013.

Their HelloEnglish app has brought about significant change in the teaching of English as a language of work. The app grew from zero to seven million users in its year of inception. On the CultureAlley website, one can register and learn a language for free or hire an expert for one-on-one Skype lessons.

The audio-visual lessons available on the website are self-paced, and helps the learner with vocabulary, phrases and mastering conversations while also assigning practice quizzes and assignments.

Top multinationals have paired up with HelloEnglish and are using it as a part of their corporate social responsibility wing. HelloEnglish is scalable, in that it provides standardised teaching and assessing methods and is also measurable as business owners can use the rigorous assignments and quizzes to quantify learning. More and more companies are approaching HelloEnglish as owners want to make their workforce equipped and efficient.

Incidentally, Pranshu was awarded the CNBC Young Business Women Award in 2018.

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