Kendrapara’s Golden Grass Artisans Now Equipped With Skills For The Future


The month of July has been an exciting one for the golden grass artisans of Kendrapara. As part of the ongoing project – ‘Skill & Entrepreneurship Development of Women in Golden Grass Craft in Kendrapara, Odisha’ also known as The SANKALP Kendrapara Project, a series of workshops have been conducted for the artisans. The workshops focused on lesser taught yet important skills such as sustainability, conscious production, brand feedback, consumer feedback, modern-day banking, GST & taxation and basics of everyday financial management. The workshops were conducted by Dr Sutapa Pati, the Dean of School of Sustainability and Prof Abhimanyu Sahu, School of Commerce from Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar for Conscious Production & Sustainability and Financial Understanding Workshops respectively. Read More

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