JKRLM celebrates success, empowering women entrepreneurs



The second edition of Saras Aajeevika mela Jammu a celebration of livelihoods, empowerment, and cross-cultural exchange, came to a grand conclusion today at Bagh-e-Bahu in Jammu with overwhelming public participation. The event, organized by the Jammu Kashmir Rural Livelihoods Mission (JKRLM), showcased the talent and resilience of over 220 rural women from 15 different states, who actively participated in this grand affair. The Mela was a true celebration of livelihoods and empowerment, highlighting the outstanding craftsmanship in handloom, handicrafts, and culinary arts from various corners of India. Visitors had the opportunity to engage with a diverse range of products, including exquisite handloom textiles, intricate handicrafts, and a delectable array of regional cuisines. Read More

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