Indian Women In Ireland Break Gender Pay Barrier, Earn More Than Men


Indian women in Ireland have broken a major glass ceiling to emerge as the highest median weekly earners in the country. Indian women are also the only female nationality grouping in Ireland to earn more than their male counterparts. An analysis of the recently published data by the Irish Central Statistics Office shows that the median weekly earning of Indian women in 2022 was 886.93 euros compared to 670.90 euros in respect of all nationalities, male and female, resident in Ireland. Indian women earned 45 per cent more than women Irish citizens (611.60 euros) and about 50 per cent more than overall female median weekly earnings (592.92 euros). Indian women earned 4 per cent more than Indian men (852.98 euros). With the exception of Indian nationals, median earnings for men were higher than for women across all nationality groupings. Read More

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