ICEFB 2020 in Mumbai: To debate future of entrepreneurship in India

ICEFB 2020 in Mumbai - To debate future of entrepreneurship in India

An increasingly digital business environment, the effective use of creative minds, and the innovative application of multifaceted strategies, are key to the success of entrepreneurial ventures. To tap these facets to benefit a wider audience, Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management, IIT Bombay, India, and College of Business, University of North Texas, USA, are jointly organising the 2nd International Conference on Entrepreneurship & Family Business (ICEFB) 2020, on January 09-11, 2020, in Mumbai.

It will discuss in detail the aspects of social entrepreneurship, which has been instrumental in reshaping social norms and improving the well-being of all. In particular, the increased involvement of women in entrepreneurship and family-owned businesses, has helped shape the business landscape. Participants at the conference will have the opportunity to explore, expound on, and extend the rich heritage of research on entrepreneurship and family business.

The conference will host a mix of academic professionals, institutional policymakers, business leaders, and practitioners. Entrepreneurial and family-owned enterprises are gaining prominence in academic and business circles. Hence, the renaissance of entrepreneurial and family business enterprises in India makes it an ideal location for the conference.

The influence of entrepreneurial and family-owned businesses on the wealth of nations is well-documented. Many of these are small and medium-sized businesses. Successful Indian entrepreneurs and family business owners lead fast-growing enterprises, many of which have gone public, on to the world stage. The academic workshop has also been proposed during the two-day event.

The workshops will be held on the following topics: Emerging topics in entrepreneurship and family business research, Methodological issues in entrepreneurship research and entrepreneurship, Teaching entrepreneurship and family business, along with research trends in social entrepreneurship, ICEFB offers a convenient platform to kindle engagement and productive discourse on these important issues.

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