HSBC Private Banking and AllBright bring cheer to Hong Kong women starting a business

HSBC Private Banking and AllBright bring cheer to Hong Kong women starting a business

To make it easier for female entrepreneurs to get investment, HSBC Private Banking has entered into a partnership with AllBright, an exclusive women’s membership club in Hong Kong.

The two companies came together to host a pop-up expo for female entrepreneurs in the Chinese industrial hub. The event had pitch courses, investor workshops, and a Pitch Day. By leveraging the industry experience, insights, and comprehensive global connections of HSBC, the event was designed to help women entrepreneurs gain practical knowledge and guidance in their business ventures. They could meet many highly experienced investors who could provide them with the resources and opportunities to develop their ventures.

The event featured seven highly promising female entrepreneurs who had established their companies in Hong Kong and helped train them in the skills, connections, and confidence for Hong Kong’s very competitive entrepreneurial environment. The entrepreneurs were also given the opportunity to pitch their business ventures to angel investors, high-networth individuals (HNIs) and influential business leaders.

According to ‘She’s the Business’ report by HSBC Private Banking, Hong Kong has the highest proportion of gender-balanced investor panels, in comparison to other markets, at 81 percent of all panels. However, the report showed 31 percent of female entrepreneurs in Hong Kong still experienced gender bias while trying to raise money.

The banking giant is working on understanding the many barriers that women face in their business journeys. In 2019, HSBC also became a founding partner of The WealthiHer Network launched by entrepreneur Tamara Gillan of Cherry London, an enterprise dedicated to diversifying women’s wealth to better service female investors and create a stronger business impact in their ventures.

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