How Project Saksham is Aiming to Empower 50,000 Women Entrepreneurs


What happens when a woman builds and runs an enterprise in a family? Firstly, it does wonders for the family, financially. If the woman is a micro-entrepreneur, the impact does not end here. It changes mindsets and perspectives about her within the family and across the community. Samina, a beautician, who resides in Mumbai’s Kurla suburb realised this during the lockdown that began in late March 2020. Her family includes her husband and three children. When her husband lost his job, the family of five was left with no income for months. Samina also could not support her family as she did not have the products and resources to serve her clients. She received support in the form of a ‘Saksham’ kit with all the products she needed to restart her small business, which eventually was enough to support the family. Today, her husband encourages her to focus on her work as a beautician, and has willingly taken on the household chores. In fact, Samina’s father who was never in favour of her doing this business is now happy that his daughter is able to earn a livelihood. Read More

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