Gifing Women Entrepreneurs during COVID-19


CSR News April 29, 2020

We are passing through difficult times, and we are locked in due to the Coronavirus pandemic. But there is a ray of hope. People are stepping out and volunteering, without being physically present. You can still do some good like the virtual volunteering projects that are being undertaken now.  

As the pandemic was beginning disrupt life in the US in March 2020, S&P Global employees were volunteering their skills with the San Francisco nonprofit Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center (REC) to mark International Women’s Day.

What REC does is that it empowers under-served individuals facing systemic challenges, including women entrepreneurs, to start businesses that create job opportunities – to impact the local economy. Interestingly, the support they provide starts from inception and moves on to cover business planning, access to capital and resources and ongoing assistance.

Like most NGOs, REC relies on volunteers to help deliver their services. They were working with skilled volunteers from S&P Global on plans to improve their volunteer stewardship and cultivation activities when the rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic required the teams to quickly transition to a safer, remote format.

Another NGO – Common Impact, that specializes in connecting companies and nonprofits through skills-based volunteer projects, reconfigured the event into a virtual engagement via webcam and screen sharing, which allowed it to go on as scheduled with the same level of communication, collaboration and high-quality deliverables originally envisioned.

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