GGSC institute in Nashik organises Udaan: a startup mentoring programme

GGSC institute in Nashik organises Udaan - a startup mentoring programme

The Guru Gobind Singh College of Engineering (GGSC) on Tuesday hosted Udaan, a mentoring programme that educates students about startups and encourages them to pursue entrepreneurial ventures.

Parminder Singh, the chief executive officer of the institution, said, “The institute will always strive to motivate the students towards entrepreneurship in the future, raise awareness about the challenges and inspire new ideas in business opportunities.”

The day-long event had been organised by the incubation cell of the institution’s Mechanical Department, to provide students with deeper insights into entrepreneurship in today’s market. As such, it offered extensive guidance on how to create a good business idea and turn it into a successful venture, and the many challenges that it involves, along with aspects like proposals, legal compliance, financial management, and approaching fundraising institutions to gather financial support.

Several notable experts and veterans from the industry were also present at the event, interacting directly with them in one-on-one conversations, and offering guidance, as and when required.

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