Gender Equality: Are we there yet?


At BRICS –WE DIALOGUES, the issue of gender equality was thrashed out by women leaders and the takeaways were significant

It’s high time, we step up gender equality. Ensuring the rights of women is critical, for it can open up opportunities to reach their full potential. Besides, attaining gender equality is also important for reaching out to international development.  

A reality check is that, for millions of women around the world, gender equality and the full enjoyment of human rights remain elusive. We need to change that. Gender equality is a human right, but unfortunately, considering women, we notice a gap regarding access to opportunities and decision-making power. We need to boost women empowerment – there are no two ways about it!

It’s not a matter of breaking stereotypes, but empowered women and girls contribute to their circle of influence – the health and productivity of their families, communities and countries, impacting the nation’s economy, in a big way. It does not end there, but can indeed, create a ripple effect that can prove to be beneficial for everyone around.

The prominent speakers debated the issue of gender equality, and gave out a clarion call to firmly and steadily build an equal world. 

Rita Sinha, Retd IAS Officer:

  • Women have been granted equality under the Constitution of India, and I believe, that it is the responsibility and duty of every citizen to abide by it.
  • Gender equality will be achieved when the word ‘gender’ itself is erased from our mindset and we will be allowed to thrive in unison as humans.

Shabana Nasim, President, BRICS-CCI WE :

  • I believe, that a world full of empowered women isn’t one where men are marginalized. It’s a world where everyone thrives, and so we must train our men/boys to respect the difference in gender, yet work towards gender equality.
  • We have always been striving to attain women equality and trying to break the set societal stereotypes which do not see women progressing beyond a point. This is merely an assumption, a mindset, which we are fighting against.
  • The enrolment of women in higher education has improved but these educated women are then expected to use their education only within the confines of their homes. It is like giving one the freedom to survive but not LIVE!

Valli Arunachalam, Karta of MV MURUGAPPAN HUF:

  • We are evolving and thus, need to change with time.  Building an ‘equal’ world ‘brick by brick’ is now imperative.
  • Women from time immemorial have faced challenges, which can broadly fall into two buckets- cultural challenges and economical challenges.

Mohena Singh, actress:

  • In tandem with today’s situation, it is essential that we recognize and celebrate, both, our heroes and our she-roes, as both face inequality in various spheres of life.
  • The seeds of gender disparity are sown at home, and so it is our collective responsibility to nip in the bud right where it begins to take roots.

Maria Vechkanova, Director, BGG Group, Russia:

  • There is no significant gender disparity in Russia; both, men and women can hold the same positions professionally. However, a woman’s professional capability is questioned every time she adopts a new role on the family front.
  • It is not easy to combine family and business for women – but it can be done with appropriate time management and familial support.

Let’s take the call for gender equality across all borders!! Three cheers to women empowerment!!

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