Gandhi’s ideas embedded in 50 startups


Livemint  02 Oct 2020

In the Gandhi Jayanti special Mint contemplates on whether it is possible, in today’s times to build a business that manifests principles of sarvodaya, swadeshi and satyagraha.

Interestingly, his ideas still find resonance in entrepreneurship in Bharat, after a gap of a century- and-a-half after Gandhi’s birth. Startup founders are addressing problems unique to India, and they can be found working in sectors as diverse as – agritech, healthcare, fintech and environmental sustainability. Revealing an ethos of scalability, they focus on equality, inclusivity and dignity of labour, reflecting Gandhi’s views of business as a means to advance overall societal well-being, and business means progress for all, not just profits for owners. This concept of responsible entrepreneurship is catching up globally as Gen Z tries to ensure that  businesses act ethically and transparently. Read about Mint Bharatpreneurs where innovations display facets that Gandhi would have upheld.

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