Escalating women entrepreneurship & economic leadership

Hindustan Times September 17, 2020

Championing and “empowering the greater 50%” – the women, is what the industry needs to do, working with all stakeholders. It is seen that economies grow rapidly and nations prosper only where women work and contribute. We have noticed that women’s representation in leadership positions has followed an upward trend in recent years. But it is not enough to close the economic opportunity gap. The World Economic Forum (WEF)’s Global Gender Gap Report 2020 discloses that it will take almost a century to achieve full parity at the current pace. The disparity is particularly prominent in India, which ranks 112 out of 153 countries on the overall Global Gender Gap Index.

In these unprecedented times, we need to transform challenges into opportunities and promote the shift towards both increasing women in the workforce and women-led entrepreneurship.

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