Enterprising Women Magazine names founders of Health & Wellness Partners as ‘Enterprising Women of the Year’

Enterprising Women Magazine names founders of Health & Wellness Partners, LLC, Enterprising Women of the Year

Enterprising Women Magazine has named the founders of Health & Wellness Partners, LLC, (HWP) as the 2020 Enterprising Women of the Year. Jani Hegarty, the President of HWP, Audrey Pezzuti, the Chief Information Officer, and Bonnie Welsch, the Chief Operations Officer, were the three recipients of the award. The prestigious award ceremony is held every year to recognise and commemorate the top women entrepreneurs in the world.

In order to win, nominees are required to showcase that they have a rapid-growth business, mentor, or are actively supporting other women entrepreneurs, thereby creating a mark as leaders in their communities.

Founded in 2005, HWP has grown significantly and had massive success. It is a certified women’s business enterprise (WBENC) with close to 130 employees, at its two locations, from just a handful at the start. Driven by its objective of helping all of its employees to grow and find success, it offers a number of perks, such as tuition reimbursement, generous paternity leave, management training, reimbursement for organisation membership, and attendance at professional meetings. HWP states that one of its primary principles is to give back to the community, to which end, it even gives 21 hours of paid time off each year to all of its full-time employees, to encourage them to volunteer for a good cause.

Jani Hegarty said, “True entrepreneurship is so much more than just driving the financial success of an operation. Our goal is to cultivate passion among our employees and inspire them to truly make a difference both within the company and in our community.”

All three women will be acknowledged and commemorated for their achievements at the 18th Annual Enterprising Women of the Year Awards Celebration & Conference to be held in Clearwater Beach, Florida in March, at the Wyndham Grand.

Enterprising Women Magazine released the complete list of winners via a downloadable press release, on its website.

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