Empowering Ventures: Unveiling the New Year Resolutions of Women Entrepreneurs in 2024


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As the dawn of a new year approaches, women entrepreneurs are gearing up to set ambitious resolutions that will shape their professional journeys in 2024. Fueled by a spirit of innovation, resilience & determination, these entrepreneurs are poised to redefine success, overcome challenges, and embrace fresh opportunities in the business landscape.

What will the future be like? While we are stepping into the New Year what advice would you like to give yourself? What would you like to be your biggest triumph by the end of the year?

Here, we delve into the inspiring New Year resolutions of women entrepreneurs, exploring their goals, strategies and the impactful changes they aim to bring to their ventures in the upcoming year. Join us on this journey of aspirations, growth, and empowerment as we witness the remarkable resolutions that will shape the narratives of women in business in 2024.

> Ms Shivani Singh Kapoor, Co-Founder, ThinkStartup

“I find the end of the year a great time for introspection. A time to ask ourselves questions such as what was our journey like in the last year? What did I succeed at? What did I try but failed at? And that leads to the question of what would I like the next year to look like.

Every year I set myself a minimum of 3 goals – one each in the categories of professional achievement, personal development and interpersonal relationships. This year is no different. On the professional front I look forward to a year of growth and increased impact for my venture ThinkStartup as we take on setting up Centres for Youth Entrepreneurship in 50 more schools across India. On the personal development front I am committed to catching up on my reading list and learning a new skill. And on the interpersonal relationship front I am committed to becoming a more patient listener! Wish everyone a year filled with growth and learning and above all may the journey be joyful!”

> Dr. Priyanka Anuj Sidharth, Dental Surgeon

“Time flies and we are standing on the threshold of 2024.

As an individual, the last year has given me lot of learning and realization. Keeping all the learnings in mind I will advise myself to work more on my tolerance and resilience, as these are the two virtues that I needed most last year.

As a human I know my fundamental darkness and I think acknowledging it makes half of the work done. I am a doctor and mother of a teenager, both the dimensions need these virtues to be polished.

One more thing I need to accept is the “change”. Because change is only the thing which is constant.

Life can’t be stagnant, so I will accept the surprises of 2024. Lets see what this year holds for me. My biggest triumph this year is the enhancement of my confidence level.

Along with the Dental we are working hard on cosmetology, that’s what has made my profession more interesting. I have also surprised myself by my reaction while facing the challenging situation at work front.

Year 2024 will be the year of expansion for me – both at the professional and personal front.”

> Debjani Mukherjee, Founder, Nani Ghar

“Health: What I have realized is that if required I can rent or borrow anyone’s house, jacket, books but can never borrow any one’s body even for a moment. We should take utmost care with priority when it comes to good health.

Priorities: Set the priorities and accordingly persistently achieve those one by one. While doing so I will be little gentle on myself and will concentrate one job at a time. After all we are more experienced and aging is a natural process.

Learn: like every year will try to learn something new and it can be some new vegan dishes too.”

> Shormishtha Ghosh, Founder MD, In Tandem Global Consulting (ITGC) Pvt Ltd

“The biggest advice that I shall give myself for the new Year is: Regroup, focus and try again. 2023 for me has been an unprecedented year as I managed to become much healthier and fitter. Completed the first year of my new venture too.

It has been a year of errors, shortfalls and tremendous learning. My biggest triumph by end of 2024 would be to effectively implement all that I have learnt and derive my new success story.”

> Parbati Bhattacharya, Founder & Director, Wonderers Footprints Travel Boutique

“We aspire to beat the ChatGPT or AI-driven travel solutions and stay in the market by adding value to the customers’ travel experience. We will delve into extreme personalization to delight our travelers. For travel is a very human-centric business, and we hope to add the human touch, to add the icing on the cake!

So, it will be all about rebooting customer experience to highlight the magic of travel.”

> Mrs. Lavalina Sogani, Founder-Secretary of Vimukti Sanstha

“In this upcoming year, I resolve to pour every ounce of my passion into nurturing the dreams of these incredible girls from Jaipur’s slums. As we build our campus brick by brick, my soul is dedicated to seeing these girls not just study but soar. I promise to be their unwavering support, standing by them as they carve paths to becoming lawyers, doctors, and leaders. With every beat of my heart, I’ll continue championing their education and empowerment, ensuring they shine as the brightest stars in our sky of hope and possibility.”

> Shraddha Bhavalkar, CEO of GetSetGo Fitness

“What is a resolution? It’s a decision to do something that’s necessary to create a positive change in life. Since covid my take on new year resolution has changed completely.

I don’t wait for 1st January to take action. I have already started taking small steps towards my goals which makes me feel confident stepping into the new year. I don’t have pressure to perform because I am already making progress and growing at a pace that’s comfortable for me.

Why postpone what’s good for you?”

> Usha Jha, Founder, Petal Craft 

“Every year we make New Year’s resolutions but it is hard to fulfil them. My 2024 resolution is to make my life easier, comfortable and be happy. I will create a program for the entire year and have an agenda for each of the 12 months.

It will be easier to fulfil my pledge. I will see what mistakes I have made in the past and try not to repeat them. Each month I will reflect and act on one agenda. It is better to lead a happier life if we accept our mistakes.”

> Vijaya Eastwood, Founder of CribLife 

“2024 is all about thinking and actioning positive both personally and at work both mentally and physically. It’s going to be exiting year so stay focused as we take CribLife to its next chapter of growth.”

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