CREATIVE MELA: Exhibition Showcasing Artistry And Empowerment At AMU


The University Women’s Polytechnic, in collaboration with the Moinuddin Ahmad Art Gallery, presented “Creative Mela,” a Three-Day Exhibition held from October 4th to 6th. This event showcased an extraordinary collection of creativity, featuring a diverse range of gowns, traditional attire, Tie-Dye artistry, Resin, Paper, and bead jewelry, Tote & Jute Bags, Crochet work, Digital & Manual Illustrations, Paintings, Wall hangings, and Scale Models. The exhibition was thoughtfully curated by the students of the Diploma Costume Design & Dress Making Section. At the inauguration ceremony, Prof. Naima Khatoon, Principal of Women’s College, AMU, appreciated students’ creativity. She commended the hard work and talent of both students and staff from the CD&DM section. Read More

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