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Sheroes - Sairee Chahal

To the founder of Sheroes, Sairee Chahal, the idea of starting a digital networking site occurred when she saw many women around her quitting their jobs over family obligations, the most common one being raising a child.

Sairee wanted to show these women that it wasn’t the end of the road for them. She wanted them to be able to share their stories while simultaneously helping them find jobs.

A former journalist, Sairee started Sheroes in 2014. She is based out of Noida. The concept was also inspired by her previous start-up named Fleximoms which catered to new moms who had quit their jobs. The start-up helped connect them to career opportunities which were flexible timewise.

The Sheroes website acts as a career counselling helpline on which women can speak to counsellors and coaches and seek support, advice or resources for their own businesses. The website also helps connect businesses to women professionals for special projects and initiatives based on their availability.

Sairee also hosts a Sheroes summit online. In this, women share their stories of opportunity and inspiration. Mentors are also present at the summit to help professionals connect with the right businesses.

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