Cancer survivor to contest for Mrs India Worldwide crown in Greece

Cancer Survivor Tanisha Roy

Bangalore-based model and corporate professional Tanisha Roy, who defeated cancer and overcame depression, would now participate in the finals of the Mrs India Worldwide beauty pageant in Greece next month.

She was chosen after a fierce competition among 30,000 participants from 20 countries. She is among the 175 contestants who will represent India. She auditioned in February this year after she got a call from the Haute Monde Mrs India Worldwide 2019 beauty pageant, Season 9.

In 2018, Tanisha underwent surgery for Pleomorphic Adenoma, a salivary gland tumour, because there were no medication options to remove it, she told website YourStory.

“The surgery was a macro-surgery. I was cut open from the lobe of my left ear and down my neck; if the surgery had gone wrong, I would have been paralysed with my facial nerves twisted. The results were shocking,” she said.

“I was diagnosed with cancer in one of the strains in the biopsy results. My tumour has turned malignant. I was still thankful that I had been diagnosed in the early stages, which are quite rare in this disease. I took appropriate treatments to arrest the growth,” Tanisha said.

 Roy then posted a great comeback when after putting on a lot of weight post-surgery and body-shamed by her friends and neighbours, she hit the gym. She says she understood the importance of self-love and self-care.

“I nourished my body with good thoughts and nutritious food, and cut off all things that were toxic for me. Be it food, drinks, or even harmful relationships (pseudo friends, relatives who were draining energy from me instead of healing me),” Tanisha says. Her efforts paid off as she lost almost 25 kg in the regained her confidence.

Tanisha was born and raised in Kharagpur, West Bengal. She moved to Bengaluru after Class 12. She has a master’s degree in biotechnology and has worked in the corporate sector for more than 10 years, starting with Kingfisher Airlines as a Guest Relation Executive and moving up the ladder slowly to a Manager of Corporate Communication and finishing with General Electric, where she handled corporate events.

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