Acknowledging and encouraging deserving women entrepreneurs


The Statesman May 2, 2020

In a quick flashback, in November 2019, during the IWEC Awards, Union Minister,  Nitin Gadkari had announced the launching of a compendium of 100 successful women entrepreneurs in MSME. This would be an earnest attempt to not only showcase their success stories but also to encourage them to continue trudging on the same path.

Back to the present, what better timing to launch it than now, when the entire nation battles the coronavirus. Amid the lockdown to curb the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home is the new normal and women entrepreneurs continue to fulfill their commitments diligently. Under such circumstances the e-unveiling of FLO Compendium of 100 successful women entrepreneurs can be clearly percieved as a big applause for them. It is to further encourage them to put in their best at all times.

It is also noteworthy that China has lost business and support from powers such as Germany,  U.S. and Japan due to the underlying effects of the ugly situation created by the COVID-19. This is our opportunity to fill in the gaps, thereby strengthening our economy. Shri Gadkari pointed out the immediate need for converting knowledge into wealth, further emphasizing the need for intelligent entrepreneurship; a large chunk of this, needless to say, will definitely come from our women entrepreneurs!

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