5 things to NEVER say to a Woman Entrepreneur


“Great! Now you can take it easy”

NOT. We all know that starting off one’s own venture is nothing easy. If anything, it means double the time, double the work, and double the pressure to perform. Of course, it’s also much more rewarding (personally and maybe financially) once it kicks off, but it’s NEVER “easy”.

“Aah! Nice. Making time to plan a family?”

HELL NO. The two are completely unrelated, and may or may not coincide, if at all. Ever wonder why you never ask a man who’s starting his business if he’s “planning a family”?

“You’re doing this on your own? Isn’t it a big risk?”

Yes and Yes. Why would you feel the need to ask a woman if she’s doing it on her own and able to take on the risk? Yes, every business comes with an element of risk, and whether it pays off or not isn’t a factor of the gender of the entrepreneur, but rather his/ her ability to run that particular venture, and of course, a hearty dash of luck.

“Good. Now you’re out of the rat race.”

Then why does it feel that as a women entrepreneur, you’re running on a treadmill ALL. THE. TIME, at a speed of 15, with weights tied to your shoes, on an incline and often backwards? The rat race is anything but over and often women have to work extra hard to build a business, garner support, raise capital and create a brand. So there’s definitely no such thing as out of the rat race, until you’re REALLY out of it.

“Who’s supporting you?”

Please be clear. Are you asking who’s “funding” the business? Or who’s “allowing you” to do your own business? Or who’ genuinely supporting your endeavor and being your friend, philosopher and guide? It’s very important for a women entrepreneur to have the support of her family and friends, so they understand her need to create something that’s very “hers” in a special way. Nothing is possible without the support of one’s loved one, and again, that’s a gender agnostic rule.

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