Women entrepreneurs in Kerala are helping local farmers


The Hindu, May 28 2020

‘LoveLocalBuyLocal’, a Facebook group was launched in early May with the sole purpose to help farmers find markets in the changed circumstances. Usually the harvest is shipped to States outside Kerala is now made impossible due to travel restrictions.

A farmer named Bibin got in touch with entrepreneurs Jeemol Koruth Varghese and Diwia Thomas, who ended up helping in an unconventional way – they, with six friends, posted a video of them cooking a pineapple dish. At the end of the video, Bibin spoke of how farmers like him have been affected. As the video was shared several times over social media – WhatsApp and Facebook – Bibin started getting calls.

As a result he ended up selling close to two tonnes (2000 kilos) of pineapple. “We were able to cut down our losses,” he says.

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