Two women entrepreneurs working to empower kids


The New Indian Express    May 17, 2020

Here are two women entrepreneurs profiled, who are creating waves and empowering kids in unique ways. One is enlightening them about recycling and ecology, and the other is helping them explore their creativity through writing.  

Originally from Solapur in Maharashtra, Veda Lolge Dean along with her husband, Brian, started the parent company Panda & Wolf as an adtech agency in Pune in 2014. Soon they grew and established headquarters in Mauritius in 2017. Today, the company is known as Panda & Wolf Holding. Interestingly, one of its own brands Eco-WarriorsTM is a unique edutainment and eco-conscious project in Africa that helps manufacturers reduce carbon emissions while educating kids (under the aegis of UNESCO). Eco-WarriorsTM teaches waste-sorting and recycling to kids through games, and also provides a monthly report of CO2e per region to manufacturers.

Anupama Dalmia is the other woman entrepreneur who is an award-winning blogger, author, social influencer, mentor, entrepreneur and mother. One of her ventures, Beyond the Box which was launched in 2019 has recorded fast growth.  She started tiny workshops that encouraged kids to explore their creativity, which involved the ‘free’ factor and also expanded their self-esteem. This led to regular classes in schools and workshops on creative writing and communication in corporates, where she got invited. This ex-IT professional faces challenges heads-on and was very sure about her career choices.  

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