April 2019


Sheatwork takes the occasion of World Creativity and Innovation Day (WCID) to encourage women entrepreneurs to use creativity innovatively.

What is creativity? Creativity is
the ability to develop new ideas and to discover new ways of looking at
problems and opportunities. And, what is innovation? Innovation is the ability to
apply creative solutions
to problems and opportunities – to
enhance the lives of people or to enrich society.

Indian women entrepreneurs are now stepping into
a world, where they had not imagined before…

It’s a time for re-imagining for
women aspiring to walk into their own business world. Despite challenges that
exist, women seem determined to overcome them. Traditionally, the Indian woman
was a homemaker, and refined to their homes. But the modern Indian woman is now
proudly flaunting a new side to her personality. She appears to be a powerhouse
of action. We see her fighting for her rights and making her mark in business,
sports, politics, science, the arts and in society by and large. So, it a
fitting tribute that Captain Marvel, which was labeled too be more than a
superhero film, made an appearance this year!

If you are considering starting your own
business, the billion-dollar beauty and fitness industry is a lucrative option.
There are many entrepreneurship options in this industry- beautician, gym
ownership, fitness instructor, nutritionist, health website… Women
entrepreneurs in this industry are tapping the business potential of new-age
diets, beauty treatments and fitness forms.

Mrs B Bhuvaneswari started her business with her husband, Krishnamoorthy, who was a social worker before he ventured out. They are for sure, “enjoying this experience”. She shares with Shree Lahiri, how the whole started, the challenges faced, opportunities and more….Without any hesitation, she endorses that “the person who is working enthusiastically, is the one who gets all the sweetness at the end”! How did you start this business? We started in 2012, in the…

What attracts investors and VCs, when you approach them as an entrepreneur? Although many startups focus on perfecting their concept, the idea itself is one of the factors that may not always be seriously considered by investors. Practically, often investors listen to pitches when they are presented with good “ideas,” but it may not happen that entrepreneurs walk away with a deal!