Re-imagining during COVID-19 crisis


Tracking history, crises of different kinds have challenged humanity, time and again. Some relate to political or economic crises, and some others are natural disasters or social crises. How we interpret, react and bounce back from the crises of today are important. For they will define how we survive the crises of tomorrow.

Right now, what is top-of-mind for women entrepreneurs is – will my business be affected by the coronavirus crisis? What should we do next? And, dealing with the COVID -19 pandemic is now everyone’s number one priority. In fact, the COVID-19 outbreak is impacting businesses globally too.

Closer home, how is it impacting the business scene? How are women entrepreneurs facing this new set of circumstances?  Rather than setting up roadblocks, it is opening up opportunities. Shree Lahiri takes a look at how each one is trying their own innovative ways to adjust to this ‘new normal’. Read on to find out how women are creatively reacting to the situation….

•           Nitu Bajwa, Fitness consultant & Founder,

Work from home means that I am keeping indoors. But hoping that the situation improves soon.

Yes, business is going to get effected in the coming months. Hopefully, people will be more inclined towards health, but can’t say.  Health unfortunately is the last priority with most. One thing is certain – I will have to work on replanning the business strategy, for sure.

•           Poonam Katyal , Founder and Director, HANDICRAFT.WORLD
DelhiHaat Janakpuri

As a handicraft artisan, involved in selling handicraft items, the coronavirus pandemic has affected my business and Handicrafts Industry as a whole. We earn a substantial amount of money from the foreign tourists who visit Delhi Haat, to purchase Indian handicraft items for decoration or gifting purposes. With a restriction on the entry of foreign tourists in India, our sales has got affected.

Moreover, with complete lockdown in the country as a safety measure taken by the government of India, my workplace has been closed down temporarily.  Unfortunately, this has caused our business to come to a standstill. Online shopping has also gone down as people tend to avoid purchasing items – as a precautionary measure.

During such times, I am ensuring that my employees are on fully-paid, work-from-home scenario, creating items which can be sold once everything resumes. Although these precautionary measures have resulted in slow down of business, they will bring out better outcomes for the entire country.

I am confident that after a few weeks, the economy and business will bounce back to normal.

•           Ms Sandhya Chaturvedi, CEO, Mummy’s Kitchen

No matter the lockdown, and no matter if offices, schools, and colleges shut, everyone will still eat. And with this new crisis, where even maids are not being allowed to enter societies, there is a great requirement for food, and what better than homefood?

We are trying our best to help out the elderly folks nearby by serving them fresh food, and also anyone who requires it because we do keep a stock of food supplies, and thankfully in a day or so, our home delivery people will be issued passes, as food is an essential service. So, we hope to do our bit in serving society by providing fresh, hot, and nutritious meals to everyone.

  • Shraddha Bhavalkar, Co-Founder | CEO, GetSetGo Fitness

These are difficult and uncertain times but it is not what happens to you that defines you, it is what you make of it. So any challenge or obstacles are opportunities for us to grow may it be in business or in our personal life. 

Now, I am only focusing on spending quality time in communicating effectively with my friends and family. Giving time to all the things that took a backseat like photography, dancing, cooking, reading books, watching some movies that I missed, because being a business woman and an entrepreneur, you do end up compromising on some things that matter to you. 

From a business perspective and this pandemic being health-related, me and my team are doing our best to provide the right knowledge and guidance to our clients and followers and also trying to come up with new ways –  to focus on their fitness. We at GetSetGo Fitness have launched some really interesting products that help our clients change their lifestyle, achieve their fitness goals within the comfort of their home, so that they can come out of this situation stronger.  


The magic of feeling at ease is by giving and contributing to the world – that’s precisely how I am coping with this crisis. It’s a blessing in disguise.  

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