Entrechat with Ms. Manjari Maitreya

Entrechat with Manjari Maitreya

“I believe all women have a 6th sense which gives them a cutting edge over men.”

Believing that women have the inner strength to manage any business independently, Manjari Maitreya waited for the right time, to step into starting her own venture.  

Currently, owning and managing the Mehrauli centre for Tansen Sangeet Mahavidyalaya,  she is also one of the directors in E-Vistas India. Manjari’s career covered close interaction with the corporate and government sectors. As a communication strategist, she managed marketing of both Indian and a few global brands too, while at the media consulting firm, where she was also responsible for driving business and growth. Having evaluated business prospects, innovation and integration, throughout her professional life, she stands at an advantage today.

In this interview with Shree Lahiri, she reveals her full story, as she talks about how entrepreneurship dawned on her, the challenges and competition faced, her future plans and more…

 Q1. How did you think about becoming an entrepreneur?

I had been managing a Media Consulting Firm for 10 years and, then the time came, when I decided to diversify to a new business venture. My relationship with the brand Tansen was primarily because of my daughter, who had learned Kathak for 6 years and,  when I got this opportunity to associate with this fastest growing brand as a franchise owner, I started this Mehrauli centre.

Q2. What are some strengths that a woman entrepreneur should possess?

I believe all women have a 6th sense which gives them a cutting edge over men. A simple smiling face and a good sense of humour makes a perfect combination, when it comes to women managing any business.

Q3. Could you tell us about the challenges faced by you?

Though we have taken a calculative risk in this venture, but I would say that finances were the major challenge.

 Q4. How do you find competition in your business area?

Competition is there in every field. There are definitely other brands in the market we operate in, but what matters the most is the perception your brand enjoys, its vision and growth plans. And, Tansen is indeed a brand with a great deal of positive perception. The vision of the brand owner also provides the holistic horizontal expansion for the welfare of society too.

Q5. How did you try to make your business different?

I personally believe in supporting the individual talent and to ensure the same, we  choose the best faculty for our students. Punctuality is must for students as well as teachers and, to ensure the same, I reach my work place before everyone else!

Q6. What are your future plans?

Tansen will extend knowledge to the aspiring talent of our country in various performing arts but, our future plan is to help this talent to get acknowledgement and placement in their respective fields.

Q7. Any tips for someone starting out today?

 It’s not about today or tomorrow, but whenever you start, whatever you do, consistency, dedication and constant evolution is the key to success.

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