Empowering Global Diplomacy: Women Redefining Key Roles at BRICS CCI WETrailblazers Dialogues on – “Global Women Diplomats: Breaking Barriers, Shaping Global Affairs”


New Delhi, 9 th September 2023. Highlighting the need for gender equality in global diplomatic roles were women diplomats from various geographies at the inaugural BRICS CCI WE, Trailblazers Dialogues Roundtable on Global Women Diplomats: Breaking Barriers; Shaping
Global Affairs.

BRICS CCI WE represents the women’s vertical of The BRICS Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BRICS CCI) which promotes commerce and industry in the BRICS and other friendly nations. The Vertical focuses on women empowerment initiatives and policies across geographies.

Dive into history, and you will notice that the world of diplomacy, was dominated by men. Yet, intriguingly, a closer look reveals a vital truth – when women have a seat at the table, the odds of reducing instability and conflict improve significantly. The 2023 Women in Diplomacy Index speaks volumes, spotlighting a glaring gender gap, with just around 20% of ambassadors being women. The numbers get bleaker in conflict scenarios, where women’s voices have been
notably absent from peace processes.

In this charged atmosphere, Dr. BBL Madhukar, Director General of BRICS CCI, stirred the audience with a call for equality in education and representation. He emphasized, “In a world evolving at lightning speed, diplomacy remains the cornerstone of global relations, molding the fate of nations and the course of world events. Yet, one critical dimension remains underrepresented: the resounding voices of women. As women rise, societal walls crumble.”

Echoing this sentiment, Shri R.K. Vishnoi, Chairman of BRICS CCI, pointedly noted, “The role of women in diplomacy is paramount. International committees, leaders, and the populace are united in the conviction that women bring transformative ideas to the forefront. Their presence amplifies our chances of resolving conflicts.”

Kicking off the event, Ms. Ruby Sinha, President of BRICS CCI WE & Founder of sheatwork,
eloquently stated, “As we celebrate the invaluable contributions women have made to diplomacy throughout history, let’s also collaboratively strive for a future where gender equality and women’s empowerment are seamlessly woven into our diplomatic fabric.” She added, “These discussions hold exceptional significance in a year when India leads the G20 dialogues, placing holistic and inclusive, women-led development at the forefront.”

The roundtable gathered illustrious women diplomats, including Ms. Hagar Spiro-Tal, Deputy Ambassador of Israel to India; Ambassador Bizunesh Meseret, Deputy Head Of Mission at the Embassy of Ethiopia; Ms. Wathsala Amarasinghe, Minister Counsellor at the High Commission of Sri Lanka; Ms. Amaranta Vandeperre, Third Secretary and Counsel at the Embassy of Chile; and Ms. Jalpa Ratna, Chief of Field Services at the United Nations Children’s Fund. The conversation was artfully guided by Ms. Shormishtha Ghosh, Governing Body Member of BRICS CCI. Amb. Manju Seth (Retd.), the former Ambassador & Consul General of India, closed the event with a poignant valedictory address.

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