Traits of a Woman Entrepreneur

Traits of being a strong Woman Entrepreneur

Look around and you can spot extraordinary women achieving the impossible. Women are crossing all boundaries and really shining. There are many stories floating around on their super success which are living proof of woman power. Female entrepreneurs are packing in a lot of action, which is getting noticed and appreciated too.

Phulkari, Under the charge of Rural Women in Punjab_1

Phulkari: Under the charge of Rural Women in Punjab

What come to your mind when you think of Punjab? The vibrant colors, electrifying music, flashy turbans and of course, phulkaris. Phulkaris blended into the Punjabi tradition just like Punjab’s colorful culture. To elaborate, it is an intriguing artistic artifact that is exquisite, stylized by a host of attractive designs and bright colors. This developed into a profession, that has also been a source of income for women, who managed the show. 

Annual Budget 2019

Budget 2019: All You Need To Know

Finance Minister Ms. Nirmala Sitharaman presented a Budget with a roadmap for New India, keeping a 10 year vision in mind.

Here are the Budget 2019 highlights: 

Stop Procrastinating the idea of becoming a Women Entrepreneur!

Stop Procrastinating the idea of becoming a Women Entrepreneur!

Don’t we all give in to procrastination some time or the other? Procrastination is an odd force. Everyone has experienced it. After all, what does it do? It delays the very activities that bring us closer to our goals.  It could be moving from the ‘big idea’ to something concrete or setting out to build a thriving business. So, why don’t we just move ahead towards that brighter future?

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