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If you want to see the world, meet new people and learn more about other communities then this conference is tailormade for you. If you want to make more of your travels then it is the right place for you. The Travel Tales is hosting a talk on Travel Hacking and will talk about coolest and amazing travel tips from other travellers. This event is for travel enthusiasts, digital nomads, freelancers, entrepreneurs, start-ups and remote-offices. It will hold talk on different aspects of travel and work while travelling.

When:  21st June 2019

Where:  Pune

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Enterchat - Rekha Devi

Entrechat with Ms. Rekha Devi

“Becoming independent is really a great feeling!”

Indian women in remote areas find it very difficult to take the decision to step out of their homes, to take up the responsibility of doing something independently, on their own – at their own terms. Rekha Devi, based in Bagru, near Jaipur, in Rajasthan explains to Shree Lahiri how she made this effort, pushing herself beyond her limits. Today she feels it was indeed a wise decision, and both she and her team are happy.

  1. What was the starting point for you, when you decided to do something on your own?
    In the beginning, ladies used to just sit around and discuss that they wanted to do business. They wanted to make money, have a regular income.
    We formed a group of nine ladies, and joined Apani Sahakari Sewa Samiti, which is a self-help group in Rajasthan, took a loan of Rs 10,000 each and then got into producing decorative, carved items like elephants, peacock, horse, even Ganeshji; there were other items like sindur dani, pen holders. Then we got another loan and purchased a machine, so that we could work at home. The machine is a great help and our ladies now work efficiently.
    We also go out of Rajasthan, to Delhi, Goa for melas organsied by the Government. We sell our items here. In Delhi, we are setting up a shop in Dilli Haat, and we plan our products.
    Let me tell you, I also felt that I can move out of my home and get involved in making something which can bring in income. Now we are happy to work together and share the income.
  1. While starting the business activity, how did you get the funds?
    Like I said, we first took a loan to start the business, and then took another loan to buy the machine for making the decorative and carved items.
  1. Do you feel becoming independent has helped you?
    Yes, I feel every lady should go through what I did. We all can do this, and becoming independent is really a great feeling. In this way, we can also do something for our families – our children specially. This way, we feel we are doing good work and also contributing to the welfare of the family. So, becoming independent is something that every woman must try to work towards.
  1. Did you get trained to take up this work?
    No, I started on my own. At that time, my husband used to have a small job, but soon left that job to join me. Now he helps me with the sales. As we travel to sell our products, he also accompanies us.
  1. If you are offered training, will you accept it?
    Yes, I will be interested. We do not sell our products online, but if we are given some training, to make our products available online, it would really help us get online orders. That would help us in taking our business activity ahead.
  1. What were the problems you faced in your journey?
    There were a lot of problems. In the beginning, the ladies did not want to leave their homes and join me. They said they have more work at home. So it took a lot of coaxing, to make them decide. I actually went against all negative signs and went ahead and started with the production of our decorative items. Now the ladies are also happy that they finally decided and moved out of their homes to do something independently. They are also earning an income and they are all happy.
  1. Where do you plan to take your work activity in 3 to 5 years from now?
    I want to be involved in the same work that we are doing now – that much I am sure. But I also want to move ahead and set up our own showroom in Jaipur, as so many tourists visit the city, who can buy our items and thus help us expand our business. Currently we sell our items in Amer, which is a tourists spot, and tourists do buy our products.
AnterChat - Ms Geeta Jain

Entrechat with Ms. Geeta Jain

I am in the world of fashion and fashion keeps changing.

‘Fashion’ was in her mind right from the beginning. Ms Geeta Jain, from Indore explained how her family business involved fabrics, jeans as they were wholesalers. So, it was quite natural that she was lead into this world. She talks openly to Shree Lahiri on how the germ of this idea came to her, how her team of women are working together, the courses she conducts and more….

  1. How was it in the beginning when you got into this business?
    In the beginning, I had joined up with my cousin sister and we started working for the NGO – Mahila Bal Vikas Mantralaya. Here we used to do ‘sewa’ for women and children like helping them out, giving gifts during festivals and so on. Then, later on – I thought why not start something of my own?  And, it was quite logical that I chose the world of fashion, since my family has been into various businesses in this area. So I started working in my Boutique called ‘Origin’ in Indore, where I live.  Actually I had this boutique before and used to make ladies’ garments. Today I stitch ladies’ tops, kurtas, skirts, party gowns, saree blouses etc.
  1. Where did you get the funds?
    Initially I worked with my cousin, as she asked me to join. But then I suddenly developed cervical problems and my health was affected. So I focused on the boutique. My sister’s funds helped me to get the rented place , which is just two kms from where I live. Then customers increased too. I also conduct courses for ladies who want to take up this job – so they are taught designing, cutting, stitching – all the functions of a boutique. It is still going on.
  1. How large is your team and how do you encourage them?
    There are six ladies in my team. The work is divided among them and we work as a team. We are like a family and we help each other. On festivals, we try to have our own celebrations like in Diwali, Holi etc. In Indore, there is the Malwa Utsav in March, where we participated and the sales are quite good.
  1. What are the changes you see today, in the business that you are in?
    I am in the world of fashion and fashion keeps changing. It’s been 10 years since I started. First it was salwars, churidars, suits that were in fashion and today, it is leggings, kurtis, gowns, tops that are in demand. Today ladies take extra care with their clothes and they spend more and make special clothes for festivals like Navratri, Diwali etc. Ladies have become more fashionable. They have their own choice. They even see patterns online and then they ask us to copy them.
  1. Are you aware of government schemes?
    No I have not availed of any government scheme. There’s a lot of running around involved like to banks etc. I feel I am getting along fine with family support.
  1. Have you been trained for this business? Would you like to get some more training?
    I have been trained. I did Fashion Designing course form NIFT in Indore. If I do get more training and I will get more scope to increase my business, then I will be interested.
  1. What were the problems you faced in your journey?
    In the beginning I faced problems in the family. My husband was busy with his job and my daughter was 8 years old. My shop is in a residential area, near the airport and I stay in Kalani Nagar, which is 2 kms away.  But since I got into my family business, I managed.
  1. Where do you see your business going in the next 3 years?
    I really want to increase my business. And, I want to continue with my training classes. I tried to start a college for fashion design, but I could run it only for a few months as there were many problems. The costs involved were high, and the students were also less, so I had to discontinue. Then I wanted to take a larger space, and even got offers, but they were far away. So, I decided to remain here. But I want my showroom to be bigger and widen the scope of classes.
Blog Image for - 5th June

Time to leverage sustainability for growth opportunities on World Environment Day: June 5

World Environment Day 2019 will be hosted by China, where the identified theme is – “Air Pollution”, which looms large as a real threat across the globe; so the time has come to do something right, observes sheatwork.

The United Nations had set aside June 5, as World Environment Day for a specific reason. They were totally aware of the fact that protection and improvement of the human environment is a major issue, which affects the well-being of people and economic development across the globe.

Blog Image for - 1st June

The Unique Challenges of being a Parent-cum-Entrepreneur

Sheatwork pinpoints at how “mompreneurs” manage to walk the talk on the occasion of Global Day of Parents: June 1

As such, many women find it difficult to balance work and home, but we have seen that today they walk the tight-rope very well. In fact, women the world over, are breaking the glass ceiling and rising to top slots in many sectors. This is especially true in Indian business scene.

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