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Our Roots

Launched in January 2017, SheAtWork aims to educate, train, support and motivate women entrepreneurs globally. is designed to be a one-stop destination for women, who are on the threshold of becoming entrepreneurs or are aspiring to move to the next level in their entrepreneurship ventures.

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Our Mission

To create a one-stop knowledge hub for any woman aspiring to be an entrepreneur, any woman entrepreneur aiming to move up to the next level.

Our Vision aspires to help every woman aim big by shaping ideas and dreams in the right direction.


In conversation with women achievers like you,
is our section of an entrepreneurial chat of their journeys.

Sangita Pal

“Starting something on my own and building an enterprise from scratch was always a dream.”

Setting up an enterprise of her own was a dream for Sangita Pal, Founder of, Having spent more than 25 years in the IT industry, she has served in...

Oct 23, 2018

Entrechat - Sagarika Dev

Entrechat with Sagarika Dev

“Women entrepreneurs are creating synergies with other women to get ahead in the game.” Soon after completing Master Degree in Media Science, with a specialization in marketing, Sagarika Dev started...

Sep 27, 2018

Entrechat - Neetu Bajwa Malladi

Entrechat with Nitu Bajwa Malladi

  “Being a woman, the first thing that innately comes to us is empathy and the ability to connect to a person.”  Nitu Bajwa Malladi, Nutrition and Fitness Coach describes...

Sep 27, 2018

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