“Women in India are at the helm of a golden period for entrepreneurship”


Prachi Kagzi, Founder, Little Passports India, is a travel evangelist and mother to a five year old. She is a MBA who has been in the corporate world for over 8 years and, now decided to follow her passion for kids and travel.

1. How did the idea of becoming an entrepreneur come up in your mind? How has the journey been and where has this reached today?

I traveled with my son to exotic locales and soon discovered the extensive interest from my family & friends yet inhibitions they had for these off beat places. I realised these places are out of their comfort zone and/or they lack company for these trips. Even after working in a corporate setup for 7 years, I always wanted to do something for kids and consider myself a travel evangelist. Little Passports was the perfect answer

Little Passports gives parents and kids the luxury of taking the road less traveled along with the safety of group travel.

2. What were the challenges faced by you?

On the contrary, Little Passports being an innovative concept in the education/travel world , has received an overwhelming response from family, friends , parents and educational institutions, alike! There was a gaping hole in this sphere and, we have touched the nerve of every enthusiastic parent and the IB curriculum based schools in India by offering these tours. We have been applauded many times in the media, including the Travel Magazine Conde Nast Traveller.

3. How did you narrow down to focus on travel and kids in the business venture you started?

Little Passports is a novel concept in the kids travel space for India. We organise educative travel tours for kids aged between 3 and 15. The concept resonates with today’s parents who value ‘learning by doing.’ These trips are in tandem with popular school holidays.

The tours designed for kids have been formulated with all my travel knowledge and experiences of travelling with kids. The tours are proactive to keep needs of kids and concerned parents in mind. I understand the importance of age appropriate attractions and energy levels of kids and have devised itineraries accordingly.

4. What are your future plans?

I have a penchant for kid’s destinations and aspire to convert all my experiences to trips through Little Passports. Little Passports envisions to be synonymous with unique destinations coupled with the parent and child bond allowing hassle free travel with a like-minded group of kids and adults.We plan to go pan- India in a bigger format where we have ongoing and multiple trips simultaneously during all school holidays , region-wise.

5. How do you feel women are placed today, to take up entrepreneurship in India?

Armed with specialised education and supportive families, women in India are at the helm of a golden period for entrepreneurship.

6. What advice would you have for someone starting out new?

Believe in your ideas and persist!

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