What is the role of friends in your journey?


Friendship Day is a day which is entirely dedicated to celebrate the bond of care, love, affection, trust, loyalty and much more. On this day, all friends can venture out to cherish the wonderful bond that they share with each other. Friendships have paved the way in the world of business to reveal cutting edge insights, and opportunities that have opened up for women entrepreneurs.On International Friendship Day, we@work examines the role of friends in our lives, especially as far women entrepreneurs go. What is the role of friends in your journey? So, go ahead and celebrate, empower and support women in business … Celebrate the precious bonds created. As we know, social networking has indeed shrunk the world and erased borders. On the other hand, it has also reduced major life events into mere status updates or tweets. The face-to-face interactions seem lacking. But the joy of connecting is indeed, endless. So, the next time there is a success recorded in the job scene, or a promotion, instead of simply whatsapping or posting a congratulatory message, do step out, plan and meet up with your friends to celebrate. It could be just a coffee pe charcha or a pot-luck lunch over a weekend, but do give in to the simple joys of sharing a bond. And sometimes, life is a good enough reason enough to party! With International Women’s Day, do you need any further convincing to celebrate your women friends? Here’s what some women in business have to say:

  • Parbati Bhattacharya, Founder & Director, Wanderers’ Footprints “I am lucky to have friends who have supported me in my journey…they trust me with my choice of place for making their holidays memorable. They also give an honest and practical review thus helping me to improve further”.
  • Juhi Garg, Founder, ED Times “Friends have always been very encouraging and positive for me in my entrepreneurial journey. There are good days and bad days in any startup, but they make sure you stay logged in, and power through”.
  • Shraddha Bhavalkar CEO, GetSetGo Fitness “I have been extremely lucky in this department. My life has been extremely unconventional owing to my personal and professional choices. Friends were the helm that rode me clear of any lows. It was not easy to accept the untraversed path I usually took, but my friends and family have been extremely supportive of me through this journey”.
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