Saluting Fathers on Father’s Day


Here’s why Fathers are special!!!

Father’s Day comes and goes every year. But, do we stop and wonder – how often do we acknowledge and thank our Fathers?

In fact, the third Sunday in June is celebrated as international Father’s Day in 70+ countries. It is indeed, a day to celebrate and honour fathers and fatherhood. This is indeed, a good time to reflect on the long-term and irreplaceable value that dads add to their children’s lives.

Here’s your chance – don’t miss out as it’s Father’s Day 2017!

A father’s role goes far beyond that of ‘breadwinner’ or head of family. If you ponder over this, it includes a strong influence on his children’s well-being, behavior and choices in life. Fathers should be honored and recognized for the powerful, positive influence they have on the lives of their children. In fact, they deserve such recognition not just on Father’s Day, but every day of the year! Let’s raise a toast – to all fathers!

We share some interesting tributes that some women entrepreneurs had to make to thank their fathers and make Father’s day special on June 18! Read on…

  • Vijaya Eastwood, Founder, CribLife

“I wouldn’t be doing what I do now if it wasn’t for my father. He truly believed a daughter could do just as much as a son, if not more”.

  • Ms Ruby Sinha, Founder,

“Fathers definitely are one of the strongest influencers for women.  My father always taught me to believe in myself and take up challenges….his values in life and family values have helped me a lot in being an entrepreneur and a working woman. From a young age when most parents would bring dolls for their daughters, he would buy me a lot of books on various topics (generally second-hand books from Kolkata’s famous College Street to keep with tight budgets). He even inculcated the habit of reading the newspaper daily in me.
He would treat me as an equal with my brothers, and encouraged me to play cricket, football with the boys. Even, when I grew up he believed I should have a career before getting married. He was always my biggest admirer and strongest pillar of support. His pride in even my smallest achievements have given me a lot of self-confidence and the urge to do better and try out different things!”

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