Ringing in the New Year….in style!


New Year certainly provides us the chance to celebrate.

As we enter the New Year, we get thinking – what are we going to do differently this year? It’s a great time to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.

For entrepreneurs, a New Year is a milestone. It’s a great opportunity to take stock of where you are, figure out where you’d like to be and put an action plan in place to help get you there.

The entrepreneurial landscape is changing. All the energy and resources invested is not just in the celebration but also to focus on a fresh set of resolutions. But, what resolutions would you make if you want to grow your business and move ahead in the new year?

At this point, I recall the Bollywood film – 3 Idiots, where Rancho said – ‘Pursue excellence, and success will follow.” Perhaps this seems to be in the minds of entrepreneurs, as they step into a brand new year. And, it looks like 2008 will ring in a new era.

Here are comments from women entrepreneurs on what are the resolutions they have set out for 2018:

1. Ruby Sinha, Founder, sheatwork:

My vision as Founder, sheatwork.com is to spread the message of entrepreneurship to more women especially in the grassroots….they should become aware of the opportunities and incentives available to them as entrepreneurs. So, I can say that my New Year’s resolution inspiration is to make sure that entrepreneurship should become a primary focus and not just a part time venture for women. 

2. Farah Mulji, co-founder, Educartis, Angola:

In 2018 I plan to carve out for more time, consistently, for personal reflection and taking stock of all our wins at Educartis (big and small!)

The entrepreneurial lifestyle is hectic and driven by milestones. Through my time at Educartis (and being a mom) I have learned that there is much value in appreciating the journey. I hope to do more of that this year – and encourage other female entrepreneurs to do the same. 

3. Shraddha Bhavalkar, Co-Founder & CEO, GetSetGo Fitness:

 So, 2017 was the year of getting our foot grounded firmly. Now that our processes, infrastructure, market understanding are in place; in 2018, the focus is on expansion. We are launching in the international market. We have currently setup a branch in UAE. We are coming up with a whole new line of products including a mobile app. In terms of technology, we wish to be the first Indian company that drives cutting edge Research and Development in the Fitness space.

4. JuhiGarg, Co-Founder, ED Times:

2017 has been a good year for us with ED Times getting ranked as top 10 youth blogs worldwide, with we becoming official blog partners for movies like Bareily Ki Barfi, Tumhari Sulu and Kaalakaandi.

I am now focussing on building tons of inherent strength and substance in my business and hope to achieve the eureka moment in 2018 for my startup. 🙂 

5. Vijaya Eastwood, Founder, CribLife:

My focus is to build my business CribLife as the ‘go to brand’ for discerning customers accessing luxury.  As a country we are transitioning from a saving mindset to a spending mindset, so we have a whole gamut of individuals who are looking for exceptional experiences and there’s no one stop shop for access to all things cool. This gap is exactly what Crib Life was formed to bridge, and I hope to bring the service to a much larger audience this year.

I also hope  to expand the CribLife  membership base by extending invitations to young people who have made a mark for themselves and are influential in their respective fields of work. I don’t mean to preclude other generations but I feel that CribLife is a service that can particularly assist in adding value to young entrepreneurs.

I’ve been fortunate to find a young, passionate founding team and we’ve had a great time nurturing the company. I think that each day we live the kind of life that we purport to sell. As the business grows, I plan on building on our team with more driven and talented individuals with a keen eye for luxury. And of course, I hope we keep enjoying each day of work as though it were a day of play.

(Compiled by Anahita Masters & Shree Lahiri)

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