“I think I was always ‘entrepreneurial’ minded”: Ms Juhi Garg is Co-Founder, ED Times


Ms Juhi Garg is Co-Founder, ED Times, which is described as “a generalist online youth media, blogging about things we need to know”. The portal exclaims that they “press the need for SMART & QUIRKY content for the youth, which would help them form informed opinions on things that matters”.

Having started her career in PR, she took on various roles such as – India Partner at Edge International Inc, Head of Strategic Communications at FoxMandal Little and Online Communications Consultant with World Wildlife Fund, Switzerland.

Catch Juhi, as she gets candid on her experiences that led her to turn an entrepreneur:

Q. How did you decide on venturing out into the road less travelled – being an entrepreneur? 
I think I was always ‘entrepreneurial’ minded. After doing a couple of jobs, and growing swiftly in those profiles, I got the confidence that I can replicate this success in my own venture too.

Q. What are some strengths that a woman entrepreneur should possess?
We need to learn when to give up a dead argument and see the bigger picture, instead of just squabbling over unimportant issues. It should be easy to work with women entrepreneurs and not a hassle at all.

Q. Could you tell us about the challenges faced by you?
The biggest challenge for any entrepreneur is to be able to tide over the gestation period. Once you are able to do that, you can handle the rest.

Q. What are the factors that added to your success story?
Conservative spending, calculated risk taking, building culture of the company, team building, family support, being very focused on our product being good i.e. our content.

Q. What is it that inspires you?
The work schedule, routine, habits of famous entrepreneurs of the world.

Q. Could you name a book that inspired you?
The Alchemist.

Q. How would you like to describe your entrepreneurial journey?
One day scary, one day brimming with excitement.

Q. Do you think the current business scenario encourages women entrepreneurship?
I probably speak from an urban set up – here, businesses are not judged by whether it is run by a woman or a man, here the quality of your work speaks. If you’re good at something, gender plays no role, and women, who can afford to let go of this tag, should do so for the benefit of other women entrepreneurs, who genuinely need the push this tag brings with it.

Q. Any tips for someone starting out today?
Please don’t get bitten by the unicorn, investor, VC, cash burn, projections propaganda. Think traditional style of Indian businesses. You spend 10, you should make at least 12, save 1, plough back 1. It’s better to grow slow, but be sustainable from day 1!

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