Health Tips For Women Entrepreneurs


Let’s face it being a woman entrepreneur is not easy, even with all the modern advancements balancing multiple responsibilities, such as business, children and household take a toll on your body, making you more prone to health risks. Besides these responsibilities, women go through pregnancy, hormonal changes, menopause phase as well. Here are few simple tips to

help improve your health without consuming much time or effort.

Say bye to stress: Physical health is directly related to mental health, so it can be said that a happy body comes with a happy mind. Here are some suggestions to distress yourself.

1. Having a hobby helps divert your mind from day to day stress and might also provide you with some workout along with it. For instance, I like to practice martial arts as a hobby and trust me no negative thoughts comes you your mind when the guy is trying to punch you in the face apart from what is happening that exact moment. Find your fix and have fun.

2. Make people laugh including yourself, as they say laughter is the best medicine. Laughter lessens stress, improves cholesterol, and boosts blood circulation and immunity that is why happy people tend to fall sick less often.

3. Move out and explore places and meet people. With the rise of social media people are much more connected than ever, but the experience of a face to face conversation is much more refreshing. After all seeing Eiffel Tower in person is much better than on a computer screen.

Exercise: If your hobbies do not provide you with a decent workout or you don’t have enough time for gym, workout doesn’t have to necessarily consume a lot of time. All you need to do is make time by  sleep 30 minutes early and get up 30 minutes early. The 30 minutes include preparation time, workout and relaxation time. Here is one of my many go to quick 10-15 min workout routine to burn 100 plus calories and give you energy levels a boost.  The following exercise has to be done in succession and without breaks (if possible), for a duration of 5 – 15 minutes as per your personal capabilities.

1. Mountain climbers- 10 repetitions (5 for each side)

2. Kneed or regular pushups- 5 repetition

3. Simple crunches – 5 repetition (try not to bend your neck forward and look upwards)

4. Knee to elbow (standing)- 10 repetitions (5 for each side with right knee touching left elbow and vice versa)

5. Punches- 10 repetitions (5 for each side, simple punches in the air)

6. Repeat

*For any prior injuries consult your physician before attempting the workout.

Follow the routine with 5 minutes of light stretching and 5 minutes of meditation for relaxation and recovery. For women shouldering so many responsibilities managing 30 minutes of your day should be a piece of cake.

Marinating good posture: It’s said now a days “sitting is the new smoking”. So it’s important to know how maintain our posture and avoid health risks. Below are few pointers for the same-

1. Keep the screen of your monitor in line with your eyes and avoid hunching forward.

2. Keep the necessary accessories and tool like mouse and water bottle near you to avoid any unnecessary uncomfortable posture for your body.

3. Keep your arms at about 90 degree angle for support you and aid a good posture.

4. Provide support to your lower back and as it is most venerable and lead to hunchback posture.

5. Don’t let your legs be suspended and place them comfortably on something.

6. Try not to lean your head forward, as it leads to extra pressure on your spine, try and maintain a vertical alignment for your spine.

7. You can always get off from your seat and take a small walk.

Check your calorie intake: Not eating enough is equally harmful as over eating, so having a balanced diet is of the outmost importance. Avoiding food with high calorific values such as processed food should be minimized and healthy foods such as leafy green maximized (avoid excessive dressing which can lead to calorific values much higher than a normal meal). While indulging in sweets,  always remember “nothing tastes as good as looking good”. And, at times when you are not able to figure out if you are really hungry or just craving for something, here is a simple trick – Remember the food you didn’t really like and your mom made you eat it, if you are hungry enough to eat that you are really hungry.

Sleep well: Lastly, emphasis could be made on having enough sleep. Sleep deprivation can make you lose or gain weight. It can also lead to plethora of serious illness over time like – heart diseases and lower down your alertness, reasoning and problem solving skills. Different people have different requirements for sleep and usually range from 6-8 hours per day. Make a point to get ample sleep everyday and if some home it’s not enough, researches has shown recovering lost sleep over weekend also helps counter negative effects. But recovering sleep over weekend should not be a primary strategy and should only be employed when required.

Hope the above given tips will help you move towards a healthier version of you. Always remember first steps are the hardest, so make it a point not to break your routine till it becomes a habit.

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