Exclusive schemes for Uttar Pradesh

Udyog Bandhu and Mahila Udyog Bandhu
This scheme is given by the Department of Infrastructure and Industrial Development, Government of Uttar Pradesh. It facilitates investments in Industrial and service sectors. It’s main vision is to make Uttar Pradesh as the most preferred investment destination in India. For achieving the same it employs many investment policy drivers and improves infrastructural and business environment across the state. Promotion of business infrastructure can instigate economic growth of the state. The various policies laid down by Udyog Bandhu or the same are Industrial Investment and employment promotion policy UP 2017, UP Textile Policy 2014, Biotech Policy UP 2014, and Food Processing Industrial Policy etc.

Sarkari Yojana
Start-Up India Scheme for Women Entrepreneurs. This scheme works to uplift the participation of women in entrepreneurship. This scheme will give a chance to women entrepreneurs who aspire for big. The scheme has special provisions for women entrepreneurs. The central government is assisting the independent entrepreneurs and for doing so it has made alliances with some US technological firms.

Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana
This scheme provides financial assistance to non-corporate small business houses. The small business houses employ most of the Indian population. Women entrepreneurs receive a loan amount of 47.53% of the total amount disbursed. In Uttar Pradesh the loan amount is 46.78% of the total amount disbursed.

Grievance Redressal System
It is a single window redressal system for encouraging entrepreneurs at the District Industries Centres (DIC’s). This scheme assists in resolving problems providing approvals, sanctions, licenses required from different departments. It also resolves grievances of enterprise.

Marketing Development Assistance Programme for Export Growth
This scheme was introduced in 2006-07 and its objective is to promote marketing done by various industrial units. It provides assistance for benefits in the market. Assistance is provided in small scale industries, handicrafts, Khadi and Village industries and Handloom sectors of Uttar Pradesh.

Training Institutes:

  • National Institute for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development
    This Institute is an apex body under Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship. It provides training, consultancy, research and publication for promotion of entrepreneurial activities. The institute is also engaged in Training of Trainers, Management Development Programmes and Entrepreneurship-cum-skill Development Programmes.
  • Development of Entrepreneurship Development Institute
    This institute provides theoretical training for a month and provides three month training in practical training in local industries and service centres. It acts like a catalyst in bringing up first generation entrepreneurs.

Women Entrepreneurship Scheme 2014-2015
This scheme was launched by the Uttar Pradesh (UP) government on 2 December 2014 with a single motive to empower women and establish their participation in the industrialization process.

Under this scheme, the UP government is pushing-up micro-level and individual traditional industries and handicraft units to form a special purpose vehicle (SPV).
A cluster of 25 or more such units is eligible for availing the benefits under this scheme. It will help to boost traditional Indian craft such as chikankari, terracotta, zari, zardozi and toys.

Highlights of the Women Entrepreneurship Scheme 2014-15

• The Central government will grant up to 70 percent of the 15 crore rupees under the scheme.
• The women who are unemployed can avail easy seed capital to start their own micro or small enterprise.
• The loan will be granted by nationalized banks, financial institutions or the State Financial Corporation for the purchase of plant and machinery.
• The beneficiaries are allotted a loan of Rs 50000 per year at five percent interest subjected to a ceiling of 2.50 lakh rupees in five years.
• Both manufacturing and service sector units can avail the benefits of this scheme.