Exclusive schemes for Rajasthan

Rajasthan State Industrial Policy
The Rajasthan State Industrial Policy has developed an autonomous Entrepreneurship and Management Development Institute in Jaipur for broad basing entrepreneurship in Rajasthan. The department supports entrepreneurs from the weaker section like SC/STs and women. It provides special measures for participation of women in industry. It will focus on enhancing the entrepreneurial skills of women by removing the bottlenecks and increasing their employment opportunities.

Start-up India Scheme, Sarkari Yojana
It uplifts the participation of women in entrepreneurship and gives them chance to make it big. It also promotes participation of women in workforce. The initial funding of the scheme was Rs 100 crore. It also encourages participation of women in the field of technology.

Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
The Ministry provides greater impetus to the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) in order to provide better quality production, more employment opportunities and exporting facilities for a more competetive market base. It tries to include technology in MSME sector.

Laghu-Udyog Rajasthan Government
Rajasthan has now become an ideal destination for setting up industries and Laghu Udyog has provided this impetus for this development. It provides technological support for better industrial development. It provides infrastructural development and financial assistance to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Bhamashah Yojana Rajasthan
The yojana tries to build a better society for women and empowers women for the progress of the State. The State bought in this yojana in the year 2008 and it works in the areas of financial inclusion, women empowerment and effective service delivery. Every lady of every household has to make Bhamashah card to avail the benefits of the yojana.

Global Fund for Women
It helps women who are in disruptive condition and build powerful social movements to fight for women’s rights. It conducts case studies to analyse the situation of woman in a particular area and combats the problem of that area in its unique ways. It trusts grassroots women leaders and help them to innovate and do best for their communities.

Rajasthan State Industrial Policy
The policy focuses on development of entrepreneurship through need based training programmes. These training programmes will be organised in an autonomous institute named Entrepreneurship and Management Development Institute in Jaipur. This institute provides various Entrepreneurship Development courses either directly or through its outreach centres. It also facilitates the participation of SC/St entrepreneurship in the economy of the country. It aims to prepare many projects in support of women entrepreneurs and introducing them for empowering the women entrepreneurs of the state.

Rajasthan State Industrial Development and Investment Corporation Limited (RIICO)
The corporation was set up in 1969 and it has set up around 27 regional offices all over the state for development and management of industrial areas. It also aims to develop the infrastructure that includes development of roads, power, street light etc. it has so far developed 327 industrial areas. It has also developed various policies for the improvement of industrial sector which are as follows:

  • Rajasthan E-Governance IT & ITES Policy 2015: The policy ensures development of IT sector that includes manufacture of hardware and software. It also provides IT based training and improves IT infrastructure.
  • Rajasthan Start-up Policy: The policy aims to establish 50 incubators or incubator like organizations in five years. It aims to have 500 innovative start-ups in the state by the end of five years. It has developed a 100,000 sq ft of incubation space. Rs 500 Cr venture capital is allotted for start-up development. It aims to achieve an innovative and problem solving culture.
  • Rajasthan MSME policy, 2015: This policy is given for development of micro, small and medium enterprises. The development includes pollution control measures, development of machineries and quality of goods and support research.

Handmade in Rajasthan
Rajasthan is one of the richest treasure collections of India. The art and craft industry of Rajasthan is popular worldwide mainly because its portrayal of various colours and tradition. Blue pottery, stone carvings, paintings, sandal wood work, carpets, metal work etc include the handicraft industry of Rajasthan. RIICO assists the handicraft industry of Rajasthan by providing the grass root level entrepreneurs training and rebate in loans.

Rajasthan Khadi and Village Industries Board
It aims to provide employment to rural artisans. It also aims to provide training to the grass root level artisans so that they can produce saleable goods. Khadi is not only popular in India but also in abroad. Khadi industry is the major industry of Rajasthan providing employment to poor and also helps in building up community spirit. It is a statutory body which was established in 1957. The same work in various states as well with the same objectives and functions but governed by the state.

The Rajasthan Small Industries Corporation Limited
The corporation came into being in the year 1961. In the 1975 it was represented as the Public Limited Company. It promotes the handicraft industry of Rajasthan and also facilitates craftsmen in providing better designs and marketing of their end products. The corporation has established various training and research centres for assisting the craftsmen so that they can keep up with the competition of the market.

Rajasthan Bunkar Sangh
It groups the weavers of Rajasthan into various societies for strengthening their cooperative movement. It was established in 1957. It is an Apex marketing body for the handloom cooperative societies of the state.

Rajasthan State Handloom Development Corporation
The Corporation was developed in 1984 with the main aim of promoting cotton handloom textile sectors of Rajasthan. The corporation tries to upgrade the skill of craftsmen so that they can produce better products for marketing. It also plays an important role in design and development of the products. It also helps in the marketing of products especially for the traditional weavers and artisans of the state. It prepares the craftsmen for meeting the demands of the market.

Yuva Udyamita Protsahan Yojana
This Yojana encourages youth who have entrepreneurial spirits, ideas and desires of establishing an enterprise in the State. This Yojana will provide easy financial assistance to these individuals on a minimum rate of interest.

Rajasthan Financial Corporation
It was established for providing financial support to tiny, small and medium scale industries in Rajasthan. The statutory body was built in the year 1955. It aims to facilitate the process of industrialization in the State.