Exclusive schemes for Karnataka

Udyogini Scheme
The scheme is assented by the Government of Karnataka in the year 1997-98. Udyogini helps women in achieving self-reliance by providing employment opportunities, especially in the trade and service sector. It provides loans through Banks and other financial institutions; it also grants a subsidy from the Corporation for undertaking business activities / micro enterprises. Loans are methodized through financial institutions like commercial banks, district co-operative banks and RRBs. The main objective of this scheme is to prevent women entrepreneurs from private borrowing at higher rates of interest.

The maximum unit cost under this scheme is Rs.1,00,000/-. Beneficiaries should be within the age group of 18-45 years and their family income limit to avail this benefit is Rs.40,000/- per annum for all women including those belonging to SC/ST. Income limit is not prescribed for women belonging to categories viz., widows, destitute and disabled women. KSWDC grants a subsidy of 30% of the loan sanctioned for widows, destitute, disabled women and women belonging to SC / STs, or Rs.10,000/-, whichever is less. The subsidy is of 20% for women of general category of the loan or Rs.7,500/-, whichever is less.
Some of the entrepreneur activities supported by Udyogini are as follows:

  1. Book binding and note book manufacturing
  2. Old paper mats
  3. Chalk crayon manufacture
  4. Pappad manufacture
  5. Jam, jelly, pickles manufacture
  6. Sari and embroidery works
  7. Woollen weaving, etc.


Association of women entrepreneurs of Karnataka
This association was formed in December 1983 by seven successful women entrepreneurs, Ms. Madhura Chatrapathy, Ms. Kiran Majumdar, Ms. Lekha Chand, Ms. Shandrila Naidu, Ms. Indrajeet Sahani, Ms. Aban Minochar and Ms. Supanya Datta in Bangalore with a vision to build a strong force of women entrepreneurs. This association motivated women to commence on their endeavour of entrepreneurship and offered them guidance and support to establish themselves as successful entrepreneurs.
The programmes run under this association are:

  1. Entrepreneur’s skill development programme
  2. Management development programme
  3. Entrepreneurship development programme
  4. Entrepreneurship awareness programme

They have also established an institution for conducting research work for skill and entrepreneurship development. This institution is named as AWAKE’S Research Institute for Skills and Entrepreneurship (ARISE)

Women wing of State Trading Corporation (WSTC)
The State Trading Corporation of India Ltd. (STC) is an international trading house owned by the Government of India. It was set up in the year 1956. The Corporation has developed wide domain of expertise in handling with a quantum of international trade.

Taluk Marketing Complex
The Ministry of Women and Child department has introduced a program named Taluk Marketing Complex for aiding the Stree Shakti groups. The main objective is to help these groups comprising of women entrepreneurs by providing with marketing infrastructure so that marketing of the products made by these women become easy. An amount of Rs. 750.00 lakhs has been allocated for this purpose to the Stree Shakti groups.

Women in Small Enterprise (WISE)
It is a wing of Mysore chamber of commerce and industry and it lays down a well chalked out plan to provide women entrepreneur of Mysore a common platform for successfully implementation of business strategies. Mysore Chamber of Commerce and industry was established in the year 1964 under the suitable promotion and guidance of trade and industry leaders of the Mysore district.

Mahila Samakhya Project (MSP)
The Karnataka Mahila Samakhya (KMS) has generated the Mahila Samakhya Programme (MSP), which was initiated by the union ministry of human resource development in the year 1987-89, with the purpose to translate the goals of the new educational policy of 1986 which is to play a positive and interventionist role in bringing equality among women. The MSP was launched as a pilot project in 10 districts of Karnataka, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh in 1989 with the assistance of Dutch government. The project was later extended to states like Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Uttaranchal, Bihar, Jharkhand and Assam. This society is now working with 60,000 women, mostly underprivileged, in about 1,900 villages in 12 of Karnataka’s 27 districts.

Special Component Plan
Special Component plan was implemented by The Social Welfare Department in order to organize Job Oriented Skill Development Training for women belonging to Scheduled Castes. The woman who are in the age group of 18-45 and their annual family income is Rs.31, 952/- for rural and Rs.42, 412/- for urban are eligible. In order to provide technical skills to these women various Training centre has been constructed which includes apparel Training And Design Centre (ATDC), National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Government Tool Room and Training Centre (GTTC), Small Industries Service Institute (SISI), Bowring Hospital, Rural Development & Self Employment Training Centre.

Karnataka State Women Development Corporation (KSWDC)
This corporation is working for egalitarian status and empowerment of women. Considering the major number of women i.e. 40% of the entire women population in the country below poverty line, Government of Karnataka established Karnataka State Woman’s Development Corporation in the year 1987. The various schemes introduced by this corporation are Administrative scheme, Woman training programme, State Resource Centre, Marketing Aid Scheme, Udyogini Scheme, Stree Shakti Scheme.

Stree Shakti
It was launched and implemented throughout the State during the year 2000. The number of SGH’s has reached 1, 40,000 which includes the total number of women up to 20.731 lakhs and the overall state savings of all the members is Rs. 835.25 crore till the year 2010. A total of 1,24,008 groups have taken 208 bank loans to the extent of Rs.1125.59 crores and internal loan of Rs. 1906.00 crores for taking up various income generating activities. A total of Rs.56.00 lakhs has been paid as incentive to Anganawadi workers for monitoring Stree Shakti groups. The main objective is to empower women economically and socially by organizing them in self help groups.