Exclusive schemes for Gujarat

Start-up Gujarat
It provides assistance to business innovations and start-ups. It mentors and provides institutional support to individuals and groups who have innovative ideas and are eligible to start on their own. The scheme has been largely financed by the Central government and it focuses on employability and development of entrepreneurial skills of the youth of Gujarat.

Udyami Mitra
It empowers micro, medium and small scale industries of Gujarat. It provides stand-up loans, mudra loans and also acts as a knowledge portal for the young MSMEs. It is a portal that holds access to more than 17000 handholding agencies and credit advisors and knowledge that is required for setting up. It provides access to 140 lenders that includes banks, Fintechs.

Give India
It acts as a donation platform that provides support from 200 NGOs and believes in transparency and credibility. One can donate to NGOs and also ask for donation and the NGO provides detailed information of where your money went or from where you can seek money from. There are 200 organizations in India that matches the Give India listing criteria.

Self-employed Women’s Association
It is a trade union that has been registered in 1972 for the poor, self-employed women workers. These women constitute the unprotected labour force of our country. Its main aim is to provide work security, income security and social security to these women. It works towards making women self-reliant both economically and in decision making ability.

Fish Entrepreneur Yojana for SC/ST women
The scheme encourages SC/ST women to be self-reliant. It was launched by Ministry of Women and Child development and is sponsored by the state. Government provides a weighing machine, insulated box and other machineries required to sell fish. Rs 10,000 unit cost and 50% assistance is provided to women belonging to SC/ST and who wants to have their own fish business. Training is imparted to women for the growth of ‘Zingo’ fish under a 10 day course of Rs 100 scholarship.        

Ghardivda bankable finance scheme for BPL women
The scheme aims at economic development of women who are living below Poverty line. It was launched in the year 1996 by the Ministry of Women and Child Department Gujarat. Women whose annual income is Rs 36,000 or less are considered eligible for this scheme. Women who are qualified are given a loan of Rs 50,000 from Nationalised banks.