Exclusive schemes for Andhra Pradesh

Women entrepreneurs can play a key role in promotion of an egalitarian society by reducing income disparities, said the Karnataka Chief Secretary K.Ratna Prabha. The Chief Minister of the state, N Chandrababu Naidu believes women entrepreneurs are a key to the economic development of the State and encouraging them is everyone’s responsibility. Naidu and K.Ratna Prabha spoke about women entrepreneurs in an International Conference on “Innovation and Industrialisation” organised by Association of Lady Entrepreneurs of India (ALEAP). The State is developing fast and there’s a lot provided for the assistance of women entrepreneurs by the State Government. Let us look into the schemes in detail:
Credit Guarantee Fund Scheme for Micro and Small Enterprises
The main problem faced by any MSE is unavailability of resource to set up or expand the business. The banks perceive a high risk in lending credit to this sector and the micro enterprises requiring small loans and the first generation entrepreneurs face financial problems in setting up their business. The Government of India makes available collateral-free credit to the micro and small enterprise sector. Both the existing and new enterprises are eligible to take loans under this scheme. The Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) established a Trust named Credit Guarantee Fund Trust for Micro and Small Enterprises in order implement Credit Guarantee Fund Scheme. Any banks/financial institutions which come under this scheme can provide Credit Guarantee Fund Scheme to beneficiaries.
Market Development Assistance Scheme for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
This scheme ensures participation of Micro and Small enterprises in International Trade Fairs/Exhibition under MSME India stalls. This scheme also conducts sector specific market studies and contests anti-dumping cases by MSME associations. The scheme provides funding for reimbursement of 75% of one time registration fee and 75% of annual fees. The main objectives of the scheme are encouraging the Small & Micro exporters in their efforts at tapping and developing overseas markets and to enhance export from the small/micro manufacturing enterprises.
MSE- Cluster Development Policy
The Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) has adopted the Cluster Development Policy for increasing the productivity and competitiveness of MSEs. The objectives of the scheme are to support the sustainability and growth of MSEs, to build capacities of MSEs, to create and upgrade infrastructural facilities and to set up common facility centres.
Andhra Pradesh State Portal
The Official State portal has all the information about the services and schemes provided by the State Government for the people of Andhra Pradesh. It also has a detailed summary about the state where the history, language and culture of the State are described so that people can know in detail about the State. It has got a detailed description of the Government bodies working for the welfare of the people and also enumerates about the organizations and institutions working hand-in-hand with the State Government. You can visit the URL to know about the recent notifications given by the Government.
Andhra Pradesh Women’s Co-operative Finance Corporation LTD
The co-operative ensures participation of women in national economic development. The co-operative’s main aim is provide women with economic self-reliance, access to employment and provide them with appropriate working condition and control over economic resources like land, capital and technology. They believe that poor women are dynamic economic agents and not just beneficiaries of social services. It was established in 1975, to empower women in the state.
Start-up Andhra Pradesh
The name of the policy is Andhra Pradesh Innovation & Start-up Policy 2014. The nodal agency involved is Department of Information Technology, Electronics & Communication. Start-ups will be provided 50 %( 100% for SC/ST and women entrepreneurs) reimbursement for the exhibition stall rental cost for participating in the notified national/international exhibitions.
Association of Lady Entrepreneurs of India (ALEAP)
It is a voluntary organization that plays a key role in supporting developmental process. It helps the civil societies in activities like education, vocational rehabilitation, and environment. It mainly aids women to disseminate information with respect to start up procedures for starting their own business ventures. the main objective of ALEAP is to support women in taking up economic ventures so that they can be independent.
Women Entrepreneur International Trade and Technology Hub (WITH)
It is the first of its kind initiative that will be developed near Vishakapatnam and the technology partner is Asian Development Bank. The one-stop hub for women entrepreneurs was announced by Chief Minister Naidu in a three-day international women entrepreneur’s conference on innovation, incubation and industrialisation. It will be constructed on the five acres allotted by the State Government near Anandapuram.
Industry Development Policy 2015-2020, Andhra Pradesh
The policy includes certain benefits for women entrepreneurs which are as follows: 

a) Women entrepreneurs are considered as the sole Proprietors or invariably have 100% share in Partnership/Private Limited.
b) 25% of the investment subsidy is given on fixed capital investment by women entrepreneurs, with a maximum limit per unit of ¬30 lakhs.
c) Seed capital assistance to First Generation Entrepreneurs of 15% of the machinery cost, which will be deducted from the eligible investment subsidy.
d) All other incentives can also be availed by women as per Industrial Development Policy 2015-20.
Association of Lady Entrepreneurs of India
It is a civil society that provides education, vocational rehabilitation, and environment for supporting women entrepreneurs who establish small and medium enterprises. It trains, guides, supports and enhances the lives of women who are striving for the success of their business. It supports women economically and guides them in converting their ideas into concrete businesses.
Confederation of Women Entrepreneurs of India
It is a national association of Women Business owners and helps them with economic, social and political spheres. Its vision is to assist women entrepreneurs, promotes affiliation and spread COWE activities across India. It conducts seminars and a conference, creates marketing platforms, helps women in networking and mentoring avenues, collaborates with industrial parks and assists more women to become successful entrepreneurs.
Consortium of Women Entrepreneurs of India
The organisation was established in the year 1996. It is a civil society that works towards sustainable economic empowerment of women. Its activities include women and their families and involve them in various income generating activities. The activities also include entrepreneurship development. The organization motivates women to opt for entrepreneurship. It accelerates programmes like Outreach Entrepreneurship & Skill Development training, financial inclusion and provides support services to women who are minorities, SC and tribal.